Amanda Bryant

Amanda understands that childbirth is a sacred experience the mother will remember. As a birth doula she works to assist each woman to have the birth experience they desire for themselves. She supports this by sharing tools and information so the birthing person can make the best decision for her and her family.

Amanda’s initial passion for the birth field began when she started avidly readying books related to pregnancy and birth. Through learning more about birth culture, she chose to become a birth doula to help preserve this experience for women so they could become more empowered through their own birth experience. She realizes every pregnancy and birth is a new and different experience for the woman.

In 2015, Amanda graduated from U.S.F. where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish. She uses her bilingual skills to better serve others in their native language. She continues to use this approach of communication skills with each client she has by following their verbal cues. She has expanded her skillset by becoming certified in rebozo, and has also become a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). When Amanda is not reading, she enjoys running, crocheting and taking her two huskies out on adventures.