St. Pete Postpartum Doula Beth McHoul

Beth is a postpartum doula, international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and retired certified professional midwife (CPM). She has served the Tampa Bay community as a La Leche League leader for several years and loves supporting new families at LLL meetings and on the phone line.  Previously she ran a birth center in Haiti, where she lived for many years and raised her children.

She supports postpartum families with all of their needs and is a helpful friend to them. Because so many new parents live far from their families of origin, they often need someone with experience, expertise and kindness to be there for them. She loves it when she is able to be that person.

She grew up in the Boston area and still has the accent! She is mother of two grown children and the grandmother of six children. She loves to run, cycle and take her Italian Mastiff for walks.