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Tampa Bay Hospital C-Section Rates 2019

Do you know the c-section rate for your hospital? Without a doubt, your hospital of choice has a huge impact on the outcome of your birth experience. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing your hospital, and their cesarean rate should be at the top of the list.   Experts explain more in this article…


Overnight Care and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding families sometimes feel they have no need for overnight newborn care because they’ll be awake nursing the baby anyway. While it is true you might need to be awake to nurse your baby, we don’t think you should miss out on overnight care because of that! In our experience, overnight newborn care is incredibly…


Newborn Care Class for Adoptive Parents

Congratulations! You are adopting a newborn baby. We know that so much thought and effort has gone into this journey. The child you have been dreaming of and waiting for will soon be in your arms. This baby means so much to you and naturally, you want to do everything right. But – there is…


A Home Visit from a Lactation Counselor

When I had my first baby in North Carolina, we had significant breastfeeding challenges right away. Each time the frustration (and tears) became more than I could bear, I’d schlep my sore postpartum body back to the birth center to visit with the IBCLC (international board-certified lactation consultant) for help. In fact, I clearly remember…


Overnight Postpartum Doula Care: A Night With Our Doulas

Overnight Newborn Care is sometimes a new concept. Tired parents often approach us and ask: “what does an overnight postpartum doula do to care for their family while they sleep?” It almost sounds too good to be true! Rest assured, this exists and works beautifully. The role of a postpartum doula is so varied from…


Breastfeeding Myths

Is taking a breastfeeding class a good idea? We say – Yes! There are so many myths and silly ideas swirling around about breastfeeding. Sometimes these myths can deter you from even trying or succeeding at breastfeeding your baby. Getting the facts at a breastfeeding class can help you get a good start on your…


Finding a Nanny or Daycare, Questions to Ask When Searching for Childcare

Finding a nanny, daycare, or other childcare for your newborn baby can be a daunting task for parents looking to return to work. Sometimes it is difficult to know just whom you can trust with your newest little addition. The key to finding quality childcare is asking the right questions and following up. Ensuring quality…


Surviving Remote Learning

Well here we are again! Many parents have begun supervising their children through round 2 of Adventures in Remote Learning. Or, maybe this is your first year with a little one in kindergarten. In Hillsborough and Pinellas counties as many as 50% of families have chosen the option of remote schooling at home. So, will…


Caring for Baby After a C-Section

Healing from a c-section can sometimes be overwhelming. You, a warrior, just had major surgery. Now you not only have to care for yourself, you have to care for your baby! This is a challenge that is sometimes forgotten. Once you’ve left the hospital, how can you easily care for your newborn? First of all,…


The Benefits of Private Childbirth Classes

Not everybody wants to leave their house to take a childbirth class. Therfore, we offer private childbirth classes that are taught in the comfort of your home, in person (or over a virtual platform.) Our certified childbirth educators bring all the learning to you, including all of the books, teaching props and gear. In this…

Concierge pediatric care

Concierge Pediatric Care Tampa Bay

We recently met with Dr. Heather Thole (virtually, of course!) and learned all about her concierge pediatric care. We love that she comes to see you in your home and the freedom that this provides to families. We invited her to share more about this on our blog:  I am Dr. Heather Thole, a board-certified…


Exclusive Pumping 101

Breastfeeding: the most natural thing on the planet, according to many loud opinions on the internet. Right? What happens when breastfeeding proves to be a challenge? Some families turn to exclusive pumping as a means to feed their babies. Can we tell you a little secret? It’s still breastfeeding. You are providing your baby with…