Breastfeeding is a skill that you and your baby will learn together. It can sometimes feel a little more complicated than imagined. You may find you need extra support, especially in the first few weeks. Our team of lactation counselors are here to help you with fact based information and steadfast guidance on your infant feeding journey.


We offer non-judgmental, clinical support and counseling, based on you, your baby and your feeding goals. Our team of certified lactation counselors come to you in your home or at the hospital and offer follow up visits and phone support. Whether it is an uncomfortable latch, a milk supply concern or you just aren't sure, we've got you covered!

The first visit will be about two hours to ensure enough time to observe more than one feeding and make appropriate recommendations. Virtual counseling sessions are also available upon request.


We recommend taking our Breastfeeding Class during pregnancy to arm yourself with factual information that will lead to your success. Gain fundamental and basic breastfeeding knowledge to help you have realistic goals and expectations for feeding your newborn. Topics include: latching, how often to feed, how to know baby is getting enough, pumping, feeding cues and more. Register here.

Why work with us? Our clients share their stories...


Tongue Ties and Breastfeeding

Many families seek out the help of a lactation professional like me because they are struggling with breastfeeding. As a certified lactation counselor, one issue that I see frequently affecting breastfeeding is tongue ties. I’ve sent dozens of families for assessment and evaluation of suspected tethered oral tissue (TOTs.) Only a handful of times has…

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What Can I Eat When Breastfeeding? (updated July 2022)

What foods can I eat when breastfeeding?  The short answer is: anything that sounds good! Shortest. Blog. Ever.  Oh, you’re still reading? Okay! When it comes to a mother’s diet during breastfeeding, we hear the craziest stories from our clients about foods they were told to avoid. (And as a reminder, we are not licensed…

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There’s No Perfect Bottle for Your Baby

Have you been searching for the perfect bottle for your baby? Some babies take right to bottle feeding with no problems. Some babies have a bit harder of a time with bottle feeding. Marketing and commerce have convinced us that there is a perfect bottle out there and if we only spend $653 trying all…

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Breastmilk - Is My Baby Getting Enough

Breastmilk: Is My Baby Getting Enough?

Is my baby getting enough breastmilk? This is the number one question we get from new parents. This is a totally normal question to have – after all, most of us have seen bottle-feeding and it is very easy to measure baby’s intake from a bottle! Your newborn should be drinking breastmilk at the breast…

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