Candice Enriquez

Candice Enriquez, CCHt, CD(DONA), CLC, HBCE has helped women prepare for and have mother-directed births for the past 9 years in the Tampa Bay area with a specialty in combining hypnosis and childbirth preparation. 

She was called to this work in 2010 after Hypnobirthing her first child. The hypnosis program helped remove doubts before birth and helped her have a labor that was calm, euphoric, and simple. She also found that the daily exercise of hypnosis eliminated anxiety during pregnancy. Again in 2018, she used HypnoBirthing for a gentle and manageable labor. Her personal experiences created a yearning to share this special way of birthing with other families.

Candice's passion is helping babies come into the world with compassion and her purpose is helping women remember the power and joy within pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Candice has proudly helped over 100 families welcome their babies and uses her background as a birth doula to assist in teaching HypnoBirthing in a way that isn't about a "perfect" birth but an authentic personal experience. She prefers to teach the class in a hypnotherapy model, one-on-one, where it can be tailored to the mother. Her countless hours assisting women in childbirth have inspired her to share this calm way of birth, working with the resource of the inner mind.

She is a certified Doula with DONA, a Certified Lactation Counselor with the ALPP, and a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator through the HypnoBirthing Institute. In March 2015 Candice was recognized by the Tampa Bay Birth Network during World Doula Week for her admirable work as a doula. Additionally, she has 400 hours of training and her diploma as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, a Florida state licensed school. Her hobbies include yoga, teaching baby sign-language, and enjoying time in nature.