Tampa doula Hayley Livermore

Hayley's interest in birth work began after arriving home from the hospital from an unexpected plot twist in her birth story!  Realizing how supportive her own doula was inspired her to take on that role for other birthing families.  Her extensive research and classes before the birth of her son only added to her interest in the birth world.

Hayley trained to be a birth assistant at a local birth center, and this experience pushed her to pursue her doula certification. She is a DONA-trained birth doula, with a Neonatal Resuscitation Certification. She stands by the words "Support, Advocate, & Inform" and believes she offers all three to birthing families. 

Hayley works with her hands not only to support expecting families but to also create furniture and wooden signs for her other passion- home decor. When someone asks what she does for a living, Hayley replies, “furniture and babies!" She is a Florida native and loves to go to baseball games, craft breweries, and the beach with her supportive husband and silly boy.