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Lynzie Hiers Doula

Becoming a mom to Connor in 2016, after being career driven and struggling with infertility for eight long years, was an immense adjustment for Lynzie. As in, no- amount-of-coffee-would-cure-the-tiredness adjustment! Yet, there was something so surreal and beautiful about it - a tiny, perfect human depended on her! Most of her professional background has been in corporate America.

Yet, the transition to becoming a mom was one of the most important roles she'd hold to date. She didn't take for granted the importance of being his caregiver.

From maintaining the nursing relationship with him after returning to work, to practicing self-care, to balancing the joys of motherhood and trying to be the best employee she could be; having a career and being a new mom was no small feat.

She decided to take the journey to help families with things she struggled with at first. She often thought, "wouldn't it be great to have a knowledgeable person to hold my hand through this process?" In other words, to remind her that her experiences were normal or recommend help if they weren't. Having someone to be there if she wanted to take a nap would've been an added bonus!

Lynzie realizes the pressures moms and families face today to be the best mom/wife/dad/husband/employee/daughter/son/sibling to everyone and how important being supported, 100% non-judgmentally, can be. She is a trained Postpartum and Infant Care Specialist through ProDoula.