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Rest. Relax. Enjoy your baby.

Let our doulas take care of everything else. Caring for a newborn is joyous but also demanding. Our postpartum doulas create balance and work with you to make life easier.

Some of the ways we help new families may include:

  • providing newborn care expertise
  • newborn care (day or night)
  • physically supporting you while you recover
  • helping with siblings
  • twins and other multiples
  • feeding help (including lactation counseling)
  • companionship
  • mentoring
  • light housekeeping and organizing
  • preparing food
  • encouragement and more.

Some cultures have a period of several weeks where a new mother is expected to do nothing but rest and recuperate with her new baby. During this time people in her community tend to her and the family’s needs.

Today, many families do not have this support available and this is where a postpartum doula can be extremely valuable.

Pregnancy and birth take a toll on your body and you need time to rest and recover. On top of this, you are getting to know and learning how to take care of your beautiful new baby. This phase can be overwhelming. You will be filled with love and joy but also very, very tired.

Your postpartum doula can work during the day or overnight, in your home or in the hospital. She can even live with your family for short periods of time. You’ll get the rest and support you need to make life feel more normal after the arrival of your baby, in a compassionate, expert and judgment-free manner.

Custom Postpartum Packages
Postpartum doula support is available in customizable packages starting at 20 hours and beyond. This support is available day, night or live in. We offer flexible scheduling and our doulas are available at any period during your baby's infancy.
This service is designed to meet any and all of your family needs following the birth of your baby. Let our reliable, caring doulas help you get the rest you need to have a complete recovery from the birth process, while ensuring each family member feels informed, supported and reassured.
Welcome Home!
Are you looking for a little bit of extra care after your baby is born? Buddha Belly’s premier and expert postpartum doula support is also available in a petite-sized package.
Our Welcome Home option is a single, five-hour shift, designed to meet your needs in the first few days after your baby’s birth. This also makes an excellent gift!

Why work with us? Our clients share their stories...

“I struggled with exhaustion during the first few months of my daughter’s life and our postpartum doula helped my husband and I get through this time. Because of her support and care, I was able to get sleep and then bond with my daughter. I felt so safe with my baby in her care because of her gentle way, her tireless tactics to soothe her, and her calming energy.”

- Erin -

Saint Petersburg, FL

Overnight Care after Baby

Overnight Newborn Care

Did you know that Buddha Belly postpartum doulas can work overnight in your house? It’s true! If you’re like most of our clients, sleep is VERY important. You’ve just given birth and your body has been put through the ringer. You’re breastfeeding your baby and together learning this new skill. You’re learning your baby’s noise, cries, preference, movements – everything! Sleep deprivation does not make this any easier. Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert and compassionate postpartum doula come stay overnight in your house? Yeah, that’s a thing. Let’s do this!

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I Wish I Had a Postpartum Doula When…

Postpartum Doula support

Postpartum doulas can help new parents in a number of ways. Their job includes being an assistant, a friend, a consultant, a confidante and so much more. Parents need support during this major transition in their life when a new little human is relying on them for everything day and night. We asked a few mothers if there were times that they wished they would have had the support of a postpartum doula. This is what they said: I wish I had a postpartum doula when…. I was recovering from my c-section and couldn’t get in and out of bed…

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Birth Doula vs Postpartum Doula: Which One Do I Need Most?

Birth Doula vs Postpartum Doula: Which One Do I Need Most?

This might be a bit shocking to hear from the owner of a doula agency. After all, we hope you’ll hire us to create an heirloom belly cast for you, help you prepare for birth with one of our private classes, support you prenatally and at your baby’s birth as birth doulas, help you recover quickly with placenta encapsulation, AND help you adjust to life at home with a newborn as postpartum doulas. It’s true. I want to you to get all.the.things. But let’s say you only have the budget to do either birth doula support or postpartum doula support.…

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Nanny, Baby Nurse, Babysitter, Postpartum Doula?

Nanny, Babysitter, Baby Nurse, Postpartum Doula?

What are the differences between the services of a nanny, baby nurse, babysitter and a postpartum doula? Nanny: Usually hired to stay or live with a family for a long-term period of time to take care of babies or small children. Occasionally, a nanny will also help with household duties. Nannies work daytime and overnight shifts and stay with a family for 6 months up to a few years. Parents that have to go back to work full-time often use the services of a nanny. Baby Nurse: In some parts of the country, a baby nurse must be a registered/certified…

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