Caring for a newborn is joyous but also demanding. Want more sleep and support? You've come to the right place. Our skilled, veteran postpartum doulas are the pros. We offer the highest quality postpartum and newborn care. As you transition into this special, new phase of life, we help create balance and make your life easier.

Your baby is here! The first weeks may be different than you had imagined...

You're a new family! Words can't describe the love you feel for this tiny human.

You arrive home from the hospital excited and relieved to finally begin your new life together. You’re probably hungry and no doubt TIRED - and when we say TIRED we're not kidding. The baby is fussing and ready to feed. You scramble to grab a snack while sleepily trying to get the baby fed too.

Over the next 24 hours you struggle through at least a few episodes of "Baby Detective: How Do I Help My Crying Baby?” as you try to decode your babies’ cries: is she hungry, tired, overstimulated, too hot or cold, does she have a wet diaper? What could it be?

Meanwhile the dishes are piling up, you’re trying not to forget to track wet and dirty diapers for the pediatrician, visitors are asking to come see the baby AND you’ve only managed a few hours of broken sleep.

Bringing your baby home is such a special occasion, but everything is new.

No matter how prepared you think you are, the postpartum period is enough to make even the most cool-headed new parent feel unstable. When you add in the lack of sleep - it can all be a bit overwhelming.

Now imagine this same scenario - but this time you arrive home to meet your postpartum doula.


Just imagine... You can breathe a big sigh of relief. You can focus on your baby & healing instead of trying to manage Everything!

A healthy meal has been prepared for you and your partner. She gets you comfortably positioned in your rocker with pillows so you can feed your baby, while you sip a warm cup of tea that she has just made for you.

Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding she is right there with you to help you get it just right. After a little while you hand over the baby to the doula for a diaper change and soothing. Your postpartum doula cares for the baby while you take a relaxing shower and then head off to the peace and comfort of your own bed for a much needed nap.

When you awake she brings your baby for her next feeding. The dishwasher is loaded and laundry folded while she listens to you tell her about your birth experience and your postpartum recovery. After talking with your postpartum doula you feel a sense of relief. You are doing a great job, and all the things you felt unsure about are a normal part of the journey.

Sound like a fantasy? It's reality!

This is what postpartum and infant care looks like with Buddha Belly Postpartum Doulas! We have been in your shoes as new parents ourselves, and have worked with hundreds of families. We bring the calm, peace of mind that you deserve in the postpartum phase. With our team of qualified, veteran doulas we have the flexibility to accommodate a large range of scheduling demands.

Any combination of the below offerings can be customized into a package that is exactly right for your family. We know you might not be sure of exactly what you will need. Don’t worry! We can help you figure that out and make adjustments as needed.


    For those families who want help during the day, postpartum support is available in customizable packages with a 4 hour minimum day time shift.
    Many families choose overnight care so they can rest and be ready to take on the day. We help you get more sleep during an overnight shift that starts with a minimum of 8 hours and can be as long as 10-12 hours as needed.
    Short-term live-in care is also available giving you immediate support every step of the way as you arrive home with your new baby.

You will not feel alone. We are in this together and by your side. Are you ready to experience the ultimate support for thriving postpartum?


Our highly trained and experienced infant care specialists provide hands-on care for your baby while you rest or attend to other tasks. We can help you with the first bath, swaddling, babywearing, gear recommendations, you name it. We are there with you to answer the day to day questions, establish good routines and share expertise on all things baby.


We know that feeding can be a little complicated. Breastfeeding, formula feeding, pumping, cleaning and sterilizing bottles, nipples, cups and more. Whatever the plan is for your family, we support you. Our certified lactation counselors and infant feeding experts have been described as “the Mary Poppins of Newborn Feeding.” Whether it’s an uncomfortable latch, a milk supply concern, colic, reflux - or you just aren’t sure, we’ve got you covered.


Does getting sleep feel like an unobtainable dream? Sleep is exactly what you will get with our dream team working overnight in your home. We manage all the night time duties while you get a full night’s rest. We help you set up healthy, developmentally appropriate sleep habits and routines for your baby so the whole family is rested and refreshed. 


The physical and emotional changes of the postpartum season, hormone shifts, lack of sleep and more can feel like a roller coaster ride. We can recognize the signs and symptoms of postpartum mood concerns and help you come up with a plan or referrals as needed. Often simply having a safe and friendly person (your doula) to lean on can make things better. We listen to you and we truly understand what you are going through.


Whatever you need done, we can take care of it: dishes, laundry, groceries, dry cleaning, dog walking and more. The baby is here, but the smaller details of managing your life must go on and we can fill in the gaps. 


It seems your heart can double in size for each new baby you add to the family, but we know you only have two hands. We can help you care for either the newborn or the older siblings so that each one gets plenty of love and attention AND time with you.  


Double the love and double the duties. We have years and years of experience caring for twins and multiples. We can be your extra hands, and guide you through nursery set ups, sleep arrangements and more to make your twin life smooth. 

Why work with us? Our clients share their stories...

Postpartum Sleep Deprivation


Four days and one unexpected c-section later we were discharged and on our way home at last. I could no longer lean on the quiet protection of the hospital. Nurses would not be checking on me periodically. Meals would not be brought to me on a schedule. Ready or not I was now a Mom with a fragile, exhausted body, and a newborn baby to care for, out in the big bad world, out where there is no call button. One minute I was being gently wheeled to my car in a wheelchair, and the next I was faced with…

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Looking for a Baby Nurse?


Looking for a baby nurse to help you after the baby is born?  I recently spoke to a grandmother-to-be. She called in looking for a “baby nurse” to help her expecting daughter after her baby arrives. “When I was a young woman in New York city” she told me, “people with newborns would hire a baby nurse to help them care for their baby, especially overnight so the new parents could get some sleep. Back then we called them baby nurses. What do you call them now?” she asked me. I told her that the basic duties are the same,…

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Overnight Postpartum Doula Care: A Night With Our Doulas


Overnight Newborn Care is sometimes a new concept. Tired parents often approach us and ask: “what does an overnight postpartum doula do to care for their family while they sleep?” It almost sounds too good to be true! Rest assured, this exists and works beautifully. The role of a postpartum doula is so varied from family to family that it’s difficult to answer “what do you do?” The proper question is, “what don’t you do?!” The whole purpose of overnight newborn care is for the entire family to GET MORE SLEEP! So, we won’t be doing a lot of noisy…

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Newborn Sleep Essentials | Get More Sleep!

“Newborn sleep essentials, what are they?” “Will I ever sleep again?” Among new parents, these are frequently asked questions. Newborns often wake after short intervals of rest, leaving parents tired, frazzled, and ready to invest large amounts in coffee stocks. While it is true that newborns physiologically need to wake to eat around the clock, it’s not true that there’s nothing that can be done to help you get a few extra winks of shut-eye! Check out our list of newborn sleep essentials (we’ve included links to make it super easy for you!) Product 1: Blackout Curtains Find this set…

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