Buddha Belly Doulas - Where postpartum and newborn fantasies become realities!

The specialness of bringing home your newborn cannot be overstated. It's a magical time where bonding and learning meet face to face, and your entire life purpose is realized. 

During this time, love is abundant, and exhaustion reaches levels you've never experienced in your life. No matter the amount of preparation, this period of time can be almost debilitating for even the most even-tempered of new parents.

Your baby is here!
The first weeks may be different than you had imagined...

For most new parents, the first days and weeks at home with a newborn feel as though you're actors on the hit tv show "Baby Detective: Why is My Baby Crying And What Do They Need Now?" It's being binge watched across the country and you're living it in real-time, episode after episode after episode....

As you try to decode your baby's cries, rather than find answers, you continually stumble upon triggers for more intense crying... Meanwhile, the dishes pile up, visitors keep appearing, sleep becomes a forgotten art, and your brain is filled with questions like, "when did my baby last poop...".

No one plans for that and it doesn't have to be your postpartum new baby story! Instead, let's turn the following fantasy into your reality!

Start by breathing a sigh of relief because you've engaged the postpartum support services of Buddha Belly Doulas.


Imagine being comfortably positioned in your favorite spot with your breastfeeding pillow perfectly placed. Your doula places your baby in your arms and stands close by to help ensure the perfect latch. With your baby successfully feeding, you look up and smile. 

This tells your doula she can step away, but she is back a few minutes later with a hot cup of tea. She knows that you need as much nurturing as your baby does, and she provides it without needing a prompt. From the kitchen, you smell a delicious home cooked meal and you wonder to yourself, "is this real life?!"

After the feeding, your doula comes to your side and the two of you move to the changing table. With her guidance and affirmation, you undress the baby, clean them and place a fresh diaper on. You examine your baby for the millionth time and your doula reassures you that your baby is doing well and that your parenting instincts are spot-on.

Now you're ready for a shower, and maybe even a nap. Yes, a NAP! And you confidently place your baby in your doula's competent arms.

This is just the beginning of what postpartum and infant care feels like with Buddha Belly Doulas on your side!

Our support is limitless and may be purchased in the following ways:  

    During the day your doula will assist you by establishing and implementing systems and routines that enable more predictability for you and your newborn. Light household tasks, and meal preparation are some of the other beneifts you can expect. Customizable packages with a minimum of 4 hour day shifts are available.
    The significance of a good night sleep cannot be overstated and for that reason, the popularity of overnight care has increased dramatically over the past decade. Families are recognizing and prioritizing their needs and have come to realize that help at night, leads to more finely attuned, healthful parenting during the day. Overnight care is available to you in shifts as small as 8 hours and as large as 12.
    For families seeking the ultimate postpartum/newborn care experience, having professional support around the clock is the optimal choice. Knowing that you and your newborn have the expertise of a seasoned care professional will keep your mind at ease, your body nourished, and your rest maximized. There is no better way to recover from giving birth and start a positive path to parenting.

Contact us today and let's discuss your unique postpartum and newborn support needs!


Our highly trained and experienced infant care specialists provide hands-on care for your baby while you rest or attend to other tasks. We will assist you with the first bath, swaddling your baby, baby wearing, gear recommendations, and so much more. We are there with you to answer the day to day questions, establish good routines and share our expertise on all things baby.


Feeding an infant can sometimes be a bit more complicated than imagined. Whatever the plan is for your infant feeding journey, we are equipped to support you. Our certified lactation counselors and infant feeding experts have been described as “the Mary Poppins of newborn feeding.” Whether it’s an uncomfortable latch, a milk supply concern, colic, reflux, or you just aren’t sure, we’ve got you covered.


Good sleep with a new baby in the home does not have to be an unobtainable dream. Consider Buddha Belly Doulas your dream team for optimizing your sleep! Count on us to manage all of the night time duties while you get a full night’s rest. We assist you in establishing healthy, developmentally appropriate sleep habits and routines for your baby so the whole family can get the rest they need.


The physical and emotional changes of the postpartum season, coupled with hormone shifts, lack of sleep and newly presenting worries and concerns about your baby can literally feel like a roller coaster ride. Having an understanding and compassionate person (your doula) to lean on during this time can ease your mind and drastically increase your overall satisfaction with your experience.


Staying organized during life's biggest transition can pose enormous challenges. Having a postpartum doula is similar to having a personal assistant. Whatever you need done, your doula is on it. One day that may be some light housework, another day it may be boxing up your maternity clothes, or organizing a list of thank you cards. No detail is too big or too small for your doula to assist you with.


It seems as if your heart actually doubles in size each time you welcome a new baby into your family. The unfortunate news is that you only have two hands. With our help, that doubles as well! We can help you care for either your newborn, or their siblings so that you can tend to your children one-on-one. Your heart will overflow as you confidently recognize that each are getting the time they need and desire with YOU.


Twins double the love, but let's face it, they also double the duties. With years and years of experience caring for families with twins and multiples, we use our expertise to help you establish the systems and routines that enable the much needed structure to care for multiple babies.  We'll be the extra set of eyes, ears and hands that guide you through every step of the journey.

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