Sarena believes in empowering women so that they can fully understand all of the options they have in their birthing experience. She understands that childbirth is a memorable experience that compares to none-other. She works to educate and share information so that the birthing mother can make the most informed decisions regarding her birth.

Her love for working in this field started when she began spending time serving at-risk families, helping them make decisions about their birth and teaching them about child development. Through this opportunity, Sarena was able to learn more about the birthing experience, the mechanisms of breastfeeding, and the need for maternal support. She strives to build relationships with each birthing mother on a personal level, so that she can meet every family wherever they are at.

Sarena is a ProDoula certified childbirth educator with her master’s in Child Life and bachelor’s in family science. She is originally from Springfield, Missouri and she loves to spend her free time at the beach. She is a newlywed who is excited to have lots of babies. Most importantly, she is excited to serve and support mom’s who are preparing to give birth.