She helped keep me calm and manage those strong contractions – Megan, Tampa


Christie Collbran was a wonderful, professional, caring and knowledgable doula! I really wanted a natural birth and knew I would need coaching to achieve that. I met with her initially without my husband and then she took the time to visit my husband and I at our house to go over her services and questions we had.

She provided me with some more resources (books and videos) to watch prior to labor. We had planned for me to go into labor naturally and she was willing to labor at my house with me as long as I could before heading to the hospital. Unfortunately, I was induced due to preeclampsia and she met me at the hospital. I called her at 4am with strong contractions and she came right then!

She is very responsive with questions leading up to your delivery and very knowledgable during when the nurses and doctors are explaining situations. She used different breathing and compression techniques to help me through my contractions. We bounced on balls and labored in different positions. She also used massage and aromatherapy. She helped keep  me calm and manage those strong contractions coming three at a time without a break!

Since I have had my son she came to visit me and has also checked up on me periodically to see how we are doing and if I have any questions. I would say if you are truly considering a doula even for just another support person during your labor and delivery she is amazing! I honestly don’t have one negative thing to say about her and the doctors and nurses really enjoyed her as well (which is uncommon when it comes to doulas at hospitals!).

I will definitely be calling her when I have a second child!

Megan Newman, Tampa

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About Christie Collbran

Christie believes in helping women recognize their own inner wisdom, strength and power. Having served as President of the Tampa Bay Birth Network for six years and with ten years serving families as a birth doula, she has a reputation for leadership, dedication and compassion. A childbirth educator, certified lactation counselor as well as a certified doula, she makes a point of ensuring mothers and their partners understand all their birthing options and what to expect on their journey.> keep reading

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