A blessing for me and my family – Crystal, St. Petersburg

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The second half of my pregnancy began with my search for support in attempting a vaginal birth after 2 c sections, one being a classical incision. If anyone has experienced this, you know that you constantly hear “you can die” from medical professionals or “your uterus will rupture.” Even after hearing this, I was determined to attempt a vaginal birth and avoid the hospital setting that I despised from a previous traumatic birth.

I called every provider on the ICAN website in my area and I was not successful at finding a midwife, but a midwife referred me to Christie.

After speaking with Christie and immediately connecting because of our similar stories, I set an appointment. I ended up canceling because yet another OBGYN told me I was going to die and I wasn’t sure that I was making the right decision. Christie was very patient with me and no less than a month later I called to reschedule. I had finally found a supportive midwife and I wanted to have a doula on my birth team.

Christie was amazing. She not only supported me with educational books and videos or when I thought I would be pregnant for forever; but she was there with essential oils, massaging pressure points, taking pictures, laughing, smiling, and just overall an irreplaceable gem on my birth team. Even after about 24 hours of labor at home that ended in another c section, she was at the hospital with a smile and encouraging words. Christie is truly a blessing for me and my family. She is beautiful inside and out and I am grateful for the day I decided to hire her as my doula.

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