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Potential Benefits of Placenta Consumption

In Placenta: the Forgotten Chakra, noted author, midwife and poet, Robin Lim, CPM, counts the benefits to a mother of consuming her placenta immediately after giving birth.

“The placenta is so rich in nutrients that is believed to prevent postpartum depression when ingested.  It contains iron and all the minerals that a high-quality meat can offer.  Women who have eaten placenta postpartum, either raw to control/stop hemorrhage, or cooked as a postpartum meal, report feeling brighter and more alert.”
She writes further of the benefits to women:
“Benefits of eating the placenta for all mammals – including humans!
Increased effectiveness of mother-infant bonding
Reduction of postpartum hemorrhage
Protection from ill effects of placental cells that may remain in uterus after birth
Replenishment of mother’s nutrients
Immunological advantages
Documented experiences link ingestion of placenta to reduction of symptoms associated with postpartum depression
Supports lactation
Reduces mother’s pain after childbirth”
At Buddha Belly Birth, we listen to women.  And when they say, “This helped me,” we listen. That’s why we are pleased to offer placenta services to our clients.

Placenta Encapsulation

This process starts with your placenta.  After birth, we prepare it at your home for the utmost in transparency and safety.  Your placenta is inspected, rinsed thoroughly, steamed to minimize bacteria and prepared to dehydrate.  Your baby’s umbilical cord is removed and set aside for preservation.  Then your placenta is dehydrated for 24 hours above 160 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure complete desiccation and to inhibit any bacterial growth, in accordance with safe food handling procedures.
After your placenta is completely dried, it is then ground into a coarse powder and put into small, vegan capsules.  This makes your placenta very easy to consume and tasteless – allowing you to experience the benefits without mess or inconvenience.
After the entire process is complete, you’ll receive your placenta pills in a container with consumption suggestions – these suggestions can, and should, be altered according to your own response and preferences.

Cord Preservation and Keepsake

All of our placenta services clients will receive their baby’s umbilical cord, preserved through the dehydration process.  This is packaged in a gift box as a treasured memento of the time you were so intimately connected.  The umbilical cord plays an important part in pregnancy and is honored by traditions and cultures around the world.

Placenta Tincture

Clients may also choose to have a small amount of their dehydrated, ground placenta prepared in a tincture. Tinctures allow users to extend benefits after capsules are all consumed.

All services are offered by trained, certified postpartum placenta specialists. They are also trained and certified in the handling of blood-borne pathogens and food safety. Additionally, our postpartum placenta specialists are also happy to assist in any way while they are in your home with questions and concerns.

See our placenta services web page for more info or contact us to schedule your placenta services. 

** It should be noted with particular care that not all women experience these benefits and to date, no large-scale studies have been conducted on placentophagy.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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