Birth Story Healing

Birth Story Healing

Birth is a highly emotional experience. How we are treated and the joy or trauma that we go through can stay with us forever. Nearly every mother I’ve ever met, no matter what age, remembers and easily shares details of her experiences giving birth.

Just as it takes time to heal physically it also takes time to heal mentally and spiritually from a disappointing or painful experience. Moving forward after a negative birth experience can be difficult. Even if you believe that enough time has passed and you are “over it” the stress and upset from the past can affect you when you find yourself in a similar situation.

It is helpful to acknowledge your past experience and clear away any negative emotions that may still be lingering, especially if you are planning to become pregnant again or you are already pregnant.

One excellent resource for this in the Tampa Bay area is Evelyn Ojeda-Fox of The Red Tent Collective. She is a highly trained and experienced Transformational Mentor who offers Birth Story Healing Sessions and Fear Release sessions. She also facilitates weekly Circle of Mothers groups to support mothers through all life phases.

Several of our clients have met with her for birth story healing sessions and each one of them has come out of it with a totally different perspective and a changed state of mind. They have gone from some degree of grief, anxiety or fear about their past birth experience to feeling relieved, calm and even excited about their upcoming birth.

A recent client said the following:

“I was super skeptical at the start of my appointment Saturday, but it turned out to be amazing! I have so much courage in place of the fear. I’m going to rock this birth and we are all going to be ok! I feel like I smile more thinking about it and I’m actually excited for this process.” – R.T.

And just last week this mother had an empowering and amazing VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean.) She and her family are filled with joy.

I am 100% confident in Evelyn’s ability to connect with the women she serves and help them find their way to a happier place no matter what the topic is they would like help with. She is really worth her weight in gold.


Doula Christie

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