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A Postpartum Doula Is…..What?

What Is A Postpartum Doula
​Many people are just learning what a doula is.  (A birth doula is professional, trained and experienced in childbirth, and offers physical, emotional and educational support to women in pregnancy and during labor and delivery.)

A postpartum doula is… like your sister, but without all the opinions.  

Our postpartum doulas are funny, nurturing, helpful and experienced in babies and new motherhood.  They are also opinion and judgement-free.  She doesn’t judge if new parents bedshare – she helps them do it safely.  She helps new mothers breastfeed and shows them how to supplement with formula. She cleans the kitchen without any “helpful” advice on how to better organize the utensil drawer.  In short, she’s the best part of sisters: a caring, warm and “can do” attitude.  She also takes delegation and does everything your way.

A postpartum doula is… a friend AND a servant.  

She has no problem whatsoever being called a servant – she might call herself that!  A servant is one who performs duties for others, especially a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant.  Yep, that’s a postpartum doula!  Her goal is to do what needs to be done to best support the new mother. Groceries getting low? She’ll shop.  Need something whipped up for the older siblings for lunch? Soup’s on.  Looking for a breastfeeding position that doesn’t kill your back? She’ll show you laid back nursing.  Need someone to make you a cup of tea and listen to your birth story? Done.

A postpartum doula is… on your side, whatever side that might be.

One in seven mothers will develop postpartum depression.  While a postpartum doula isn’t a medical professional, she is trained to recognize the signs of PPD and we often help mothers and families in this situation. She’ll offer resources and assist the mother in any way that she can.

At Buddha Belly Birth, we’re thrilled to add postpartum doulas to our agency.  We’re committed to helping families through the sometimes difficult transition families face when baby comes home. Having a newborn at home, whether for the first time or fourth, is a time of joy and wonder… and also a time of stress and work.

A postpartum doula’s job is to take the stress and extra work off the shoulders of the new parents so that they can relax and enjoy these precious days.  Our professional, competent and friendly doulas are trained and experienced in supporting parents in the ways they need most, but are particularly helpful with:

  • Caring for the new baby

  • Maintaining a harmonious and clean home

  • Preparing nourishing meals and snacks

  • Easing the transition for siblings

  • Allowing parents to get restorative rest​

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About Amy Lewis

Amy is the co-owner of Buddha Belly. She is passionate about assisting women through life's most challenging transitions and nurtures a lifelong commitment to women in serving mothers as a doula.

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