Happy Pills, Happy Mom???

Placenta Encapsulation

Before the baby comes, eight to 12 weeks away from work seems like an eternity, right?  Most pregnant professionals spend weeks preparing their teams, transitioning duties and creating process and procedure work flows.  Many plan to work until either their estimated due date or the baby is born.

We dream about all we’ll do -or what we won’t have to do- on the eternity that is maternity leave.

Then baby is born.  Hoorah!  Oh, lovely, perfect, wondrous little sweetheart.  The days zip by as we daze in new motherhood.  And suddenly, we have only a few weeks left.

Where did the time go?

How will I do this?

How does anyone do this?

Deep breaths, for starters.  And happy pills.  Yes, you read that right!  Happy pills, AKA placenta capsules.

Perhaps you’ve heard about women who eat their placenta after birth.  Many women are turned off by the idea of consuming their own placenta postpartum.

But what if I told you that, when properly encapsulated – put into capsules – your placenta can turn into a magic insurance policy?  Women who take placenta capsules report feeling better, healing quicker, an increase in energy and boosted milk production.  Whether you’ll return to work or not, every new mother wants those benefits!

Returning to work is much easier if you aren’t fatigued and if you are fully healed.

You don’t even have to tell anyone what’s in your capsules… just make sure to contact us at Buddha Belly about getting your “vitamins!”*

 *not really vitamins, haha.  Be sure to check out our placenta services page for complete details.

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