How We Do Belly Casting

A belly cast is a lovely keepsake to celebrate your pregnancy. We recommend having it made between 34 - 37 weeks of pregnancy. We bring our supplies and make your cast in the comfort and privacy of your home (unless we are doing casting at a prearranged event location.)

The first step is a consultation to discuss the style and shape of cast you would like. Together we develop a unique design based on your likes and personality.

Next is an application of home-made all natural lotion (or Vaseline if preferred). This protects your skin and prevents the plaster from sticking.  If you are wearing a bra during the casting process we will place plastic wrap over it to ensure it is also protected.

Following that we place strips of plaster gauze, dampened in warm water, over your body. After several layers have been applied over your belly (and breasts, shoulder, neck, etc. based on the shape you chose) the plaster takes about ten minutes to stiffen enough for removal. We will slowly lift it off your body and set it down to dry completely. This entire process takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the style and size of cast.

To ensure it is strong and will last for years to come we examine it for areas that need reinforcing and add plaster strips as needed. We trim the edges to ensure a proper shape, and reinforce the edges with additional plaster strips so they are even and firm. It must dry for a full 24 hours to become hard and solid.

To make a smooth finish on the cast we add several layers of joint compound and sand it down until smooth. This step takes many hours of labor over the course of a few days (to allow for drying time.) We can also do a textured finish if you would prefer. Our belly casters pride themselves in making a beautiful, customized product.

The last step before decorating is to paint the cast with white gesso paint to seal it and protect it. There is lots of room for creativity in decorating your cast including: painted designs, metallic-looking finishes, fabric, ribbon, decoupage, lace, and other adornments. Depending on the artwork we sometimes also add a clear coat as a layer of protection. The final step is to add a ribbon from which to hang your belly cast.

We would love to help create the perfect belly cast for you!

About Christie Collbran

Christie Collbran is the owner and founder of Buddha Belly. Christie believes in helping women recognize their own inner wisdom, strength and power and has more than ten years of experience serving families as a doula.

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