Tampa Bay Cesarean Section Rates (2014)

C-Section Rates Tampa Bay

The location and caregiver you choose will have a major role in the outcome of your birth. In fact this may be one of the most pivotal prenatal decisions that you will make.

The World Health Organization proposes a cesarean section rate that does not exceed 15%.

Below are the most recently published (2014) cesarean section rates for Tampa Bay hospitals.

This information comes from cesareanrates.com, which compiles the most current data available from state departments of health, and state hospital associations.

41.3% Florida Hospital, Tampa

40.7% St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, Tampa

38.4% Brandon Regional Hospital

37.5% Mease Countryside Hospital, Safety Harbor

36.6% Medical Center of Trinity

35.9% Bay Front Baby Place, St. Petersburg

34.9% Florida Hospital, Tarpon Springs

33.6% Tampa General Hospital

32.6% St. Joseph’s Hospital North, Tampa

31.6% St Petersburg General

28.1% Florida Hospital, Wesley Chapel

26.9% Morton Plant Hospital, Clearwater

And for a bigger view:

32.2% National average cesarean section rate

38.8% Florida average cesarean section rate

There are many things to consider when choosing your hospital and care provider, and we’ve put together a helpful list for you here.

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