When is the Best Time to Hire a Doula?


Is it ever too early or too late to hire a doula?

Our answer is: if you are currently pregnant, it’s never too early or too late.

If you hire a doula very early in your pregnancy, you will have more time to use her services and get to know each other. Your doula will be available to answer questions and provide information. She might help you with recommendations for a care provider, books, DVDs, and childbirth classes to take. You might go to her for ways to improve hip or sciatic pain. You might ask her about newborn procedures, baby gear or placenta encapsulation. You will definitely discuss comfort measures and work out your birth plan and preferences. And, of course, she will support you throughout your labor on the big day.

One reason that we recommend hiring a doula sooner than later is to secure your birth date on her calendar. Doulas have a certain number of clients they are capable of serving per month and these slots can fill up months in advance.

However, even if you decide to hire a doula at the last minute, it’s not too late.

We will do our very best to accommodate you. A couple that was already in active labor, and realized that they needed and wanted a doula right away, once hired us for immediate service. Fortunately, we had a doula available and she headed out to support them right then and there. They were extremely pleased and had a wonderful birth experience.

If you decide a few weeks, or even a few days, before your due date that you are interested in doula services, there’s still time for us to help you with information and preparations for a smooth and positive birth experience.

Yes, we did say birth doulas are for mothers who are currently pregnant.

The good news is that we also offer pregnancy planning consultations before or during pregnancy. This way you can have the advice and support of a doula without booking her to be at your birth. In these meetings we can discuss a variety of topics from fertility, high risk pregnancies, birth plans and VBAC. It is our pleasure to help you prepare for your pregnancy, labor and birth!

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