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Overnight Newborn Care

overnight newborn care

“Last night was amazing! I was able to let go and really fall into a deep sleep. I feel almost human again! Marisa is amazing.” Erin Sharpe, Buddha Belly client.

Marisa is one of Buddha Belly’s postpartum doulas, and specializes in overnight baby care.

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding we can accommodate your overnight needs.

The overnight care plan can be used from one to seven nights a week. Sometimes you just need a great night’s sleep to feel normal again. Sleep can truly make everything in life better.

When your baby wakes, your postpartum doula will quietly bring the baby to you to nurse if you are breastfeeding. When baby is finished nursing, your doula will take care of all her needs: diapering, burping and helping her back to sleep… while you continue sleeping peacefully in your bed.

If you are bottle-feeding, your doula will wake with the baby and tend to all her needs: preparing bottles, feeding, diapering, burping and helping her back to sleep.

Your doula can do anywhere from an 8 to 12 hour overnight shift. This gives you plenty of time to catch up and recover from your sleep-deprived state.

Our entire team is ready to help you get the sleep you are dreaming about.

About Christie Collbran

Christie Collbran is the owner and founder of Buddha Belly. Christie believes in helping women recognize their own inner wisdom, strength and power and has more than ten years of experience serving families as a doula.

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