The Many Uses of a Yoga Ball

the many uses of a yoga ball
A yoga or exercise ball is a great tool to have in your home during your pregnancy, labor and beyond. Here are a few different ways you can use it!

Replace your desk chair. 

Whether you’re pregnant or not, sitting on a yoga ball is much more comfortable and better for your body than a regular chair. The buoyancy helps strengthen your core muscles and cushions your bottom. Make sure your ball is inflated properly for firm support.

Use the exercise ball for… exercise! 

We’re not fitness experts, so be sure to check with your healthcare provider before beginning an exercise program.

Foot rest. Especially great for those swollen cankles!

Positioning support during labor.

Once your labor begins, the ball gives you several different options to help you through labor.

  • Sitting: sitting and gently bouncing or swaying your hips in a figure-eight. This position may help keep your pelvis open and uses gravity to help your baby move downwards.

  • Leaning: The ball can be put up on a couch or bed and you can stand in front of it and drape your body over it. It’s more supportive than a stack of pillows and because of its round shape, you can also move your legs and hips while leaning.

  • Kneeling: You may find being on all fours – on the floor or bed – to be comforting in labor. You can also drape your top half of your body over the ball in this position for counter pressure and rest.

Soothing a fussy newborn. 

Babies LOVE to have you hold them, of course, and really love the gentle bouncing, swaying motion of being held by you while you sit on the ball.


When your toddler is walking, he or she will love to play with this giant ball all around your house.

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