The Boo Hoo Breakfast Recipe

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My oldest starts kindergarten tomorrow. On this momentous occasion, I’d like to offer a recipe of sorts.

Have you heard of the Boo Hoo Breakfast? This is when parents gather together at a diner or coffeehouse to commiserate and commemorate one of their babies heading off to school. Who wants to join us?

The Boo Hoo Breakfast Recipe


1 c. of yearning – a wistful desire to go back to a special, earlier time… like when your sweet little sweaty baby slept on your chest.

2 teaspoons of exasperated frustration, because why, oh why is tonight the night that bedtime takes 90 minutes? Don’t you know the Olympics is on, kid? Oh yeah, you’re excited.

472 “Be Quiets!” whisper-shouted in the bedroom, followed by several pinches of “Mommy, I just have to let these laughs out! I CAN’T keep them in!”

1 c. of joy – a shared exuberance in her excitement for school, reading, PE, music class, art and best of all… eating lunch at the school.

20 oz. travel mug of strong coffee – I’m yawning just imagining what time she’ll wake up in the morning.

Dashes of sugar and salt – the mixed emotions of happiness and sadness – one second you’ll be ecstatic at the free time you’ll have all day and then the next you’ll be sad at how quickly she is growing up.

1 loose tooth – Naturally, the first loose tooth coincides with the first day of school.


Combine ingredients in the blender and pulse until thoroughly scrambled. Serve chilled in coffee cups, shot glasses or champagne flutes. Serves many, may induce nostalgia and weepiness.

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