unpredictable birth

We all have plans, wishes, hopes and dreams. One of the hardest things we deal with as laboring and birthing people is accepting and coping with changes when things don’t go the way we hoped they would.

Birth is unpredictable. The best-laid plans can come undone and often do. Birth outcomes and experiences are widely varied. There are as many different possibilities of things that can happen as there are people with different personalities.

Knowing what your preferences and options are is helpful in preparing for all possibilities, but always keep in mind how little control you have. Mother Nature can often throw you a curveball. When this happens, you may have to quickly process unexpected events and make game time decisions.

For example, maybe you were planning to deliver your baby at a birth center. Your labor does not start before 42 weeks which in turn results in a transfer to hospital care.

Perhaps you were planning to get an epidural to help with pain management. This was a definite YES on your birth plan. You arrive to the hospital in active labor and find out that you are fully dilated and your baby is on her way out. There is insufficient time to get an epidural. With the help of your support team, you manage to forge ahead and before you know it your baby is born. As soon as she is on your chest, the memory of the discomfort quickly fades and your heart is filled with joy.  We have seen this exact scenario play out.

Mother Nature has a way of finding any rigid ideas you may have about birth and teaching you a lesson in “letting go.” For this reason, flexibility is an important aspect in navigating your way to a positive experience.

About Christie Collbran

Christie Collbran is the owner and founder of Buddha Belly. Christie believes in helping women recognize their own inner wisdom, strength and power and has more than ten years of experience serving families as a doula.

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