There’s a Placenta in Your Kitchen???

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is the act of putting dehydrated placenta into capsules to be ingested by the mother. Placentophagy is the act of eating the placenta. Since many people find this idea distasteful, encapsulation is a much more palatable way to get the benefits.

The Buddha Belly Difference

Each Buddha Belly placenta client receives their own placenta transport kit: several plastic zip-top bags, a one-time use cooler, labels and instructions.

After your baby is born, your placenta is born. Medical staff – usually a nurse, technician or birth assistant – will put your placenta into the plastic bags or a disposable plastic container and then into the cooler. The placenta needs to stay on ice until it can be refrigerated.

You can either keep your cooler at your birth location with you until you go home or send it home with your partner, a friend or family member. Your placenta will never leave the control of you or someone you deeply trust, ensuring 100% confidence that it is, indeed, yours and has been properly stored and handled.

You and Buddha Belly will coordinate a convenient time for the placenta specialist to arrive at your home and begin the encapsulation process.

And yes, we’ll do it in your kitchen.

We will only do this in your home. This way, not only can you be sure your capsules are made of your placenta and not someone else’s, but you can also observe first-hand how careful and clean our process is.

The first day, the placenta specialist requires approximately two hours to prepare the placenta and begin dehydration, which takes 24 hours.

Is there any odor?

This is a frequently asked question. Yes, there can be an aroma for the short period of time we are steaming your placenta. Usually, our clients just smell the fresh ginger and lemon that go into the steam water. Sensitive clients smell an earthy aroma, not unlike food cooking. We encourage those clients to temporarily go to another room or light a fragrant candle.

The placenta specialist will return 24 hours later to finish the process and will grind the dehydrated placenta into powder and place it into capsules. You’ll receive storage instructions and suggestions for consumption. If you like, we’ll even preserve your baby’s umbilical cord.

Best yet, your kitchen will be clean and sparkling!

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