Two Doulas Are Better Than One

One of the distinctions of Buddha Belly is our commitment to offering premier, professional support to growing families in Tampa Bay. That’s why we’re pleased to announce our newest innovation: doula teams. Because two doulas is better than one!

How does it work?

If you hire Buddha Belly to support you at your baby’s birth, you get two doulas!

You’ll interview them as a team and they’ll support you prenatally as a team. One doula from the team will attend your birth and visit you in your postpartum period.

This means you’ll get the shared wisdom, experience and support of two doulas.

One of your doulas will be at your birth; not a stranger or a back-up doula that you have never met before, but someone who you know and with whom you have complete trust and confidence.

They share an on-call schedule and are each other’s back-up support and this guarantees that one of them will be at your birth. This shared call schedule allows our doulas to give you their very best selves, rested, ready and fresh.

You’ll continue to get the amazing level of care and support you’ve come to expect from Buddha Belly.

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About Amy Lewis

Amy is the co-owner of Buddha Belly. She is passionate about assisting women through life's most challenging transitions and nurtures a lifelong commitment to women in serving mothers as a doula.

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