A Doula for Twins

a doula for twins

All new mothers need information, encouragement and support. How can a doula be especially helpful when you are having twins?

1. Your doula can help you find accurate information and determine what your preferences and wishes are. 

Giving birth to twins presents possibilities that you may want to know more about, including:

  • will they be born vaginally

  • as the result of an induction

  • via cesarean

  • vaginal birth for baby A

  • cesarean birth for baby B

  • what pain management or medication you might prefer

  • what happens if the babies don’t make it to full-term

  • will they require intensive care in the NICU and more.

There is no way to know for sure exactly what is going to happen. Much depends on how things progress during your pregnancy and the policies of the care provider that you are working with. But it helps to learn what each possibility might mean to you and your family.

2. Your doula will provide you with support prenatally.

Growing twins can mean extra strain or discomfort especially the further along you get in your pregnancy. Your doula is trained to provide suggestions and recommendations to help you cope with the discomfort: stretching, relaxation, belly support, chiropractic, etc.

3. Your doula will provide unconditional support during labor and birth.

Some twin mothers might feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what they are doing – giving birth to two babies! Listening to and encouraging you and providing physical support can make a difference in your experience.

4. Your doula can help when one or both twins need to be born via cesarean.

Going through this surgery may be stressful or cause anxiety. Some hospitals will allow your partner or doula to be with you during surgery to provide emotional support. Once your babies are born, you may want your partner to stay with the babies during their newborn exams and procedures, or if they need to transfer to the NICU. Some hospitals will allow your doula to join you in the operating room to take over providing support during the closing steps of surgery. Having a familiar face to talk to and comfort you can make this experience better. Tampa General Hospital is one of our local hospitals that has welcomed doulas into the operating room during cesarean births.

After the surgery is completed, your doula can continue to support you in the recovery area, especially if your partner is still tending to the babies. This means you are not left alone after the birth or surgery. You have a support person to care for both your needs and the babies at this pivotal time.

5. Breastfeeding with twins may present challenges, especially if you are learning to breastfeed for the first time.

Your doula can provide support in the immediate postpartum period to help you initiate breastfeeding with twins. This includes efforts at tandem nursing.

6. Settling in at home with two babies is an adventure all in itself. 

Two babies means more baby gear, more diapers to change, more comforting and more feeding.  Postpartum doulas can provide support in your home to help you transition to this new life.

They can be scheduled for daytime or overnight shifts. Their work can include:

  • infant care

  • newborn expertise

  • breastfeeding support

  • helping with infant sleep

  • household management

  • shopping

  • cooking

  • sibling care

For those who don’t have local family or friends to help out, a postpartum doula can be a lifesaver.

Our postpartum doulas are experts in the field of mother-baby care and each one is also a certified lactation counselor. They bring a professional level of support that a family member or friend might not bring.

Buddha Belly birth doulas and postpartum doulas have experience and are confident in supporting families that are welcoming multiples at birth and during the postpartum phase. We look forward to supporting you and your newborn bundles!

Read a testimonial from one of our former clients who had twins! 

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