Giving Birth at Clearwater’s Morton Plant Hospital

Morton Plant Hospital Clearwater

Tampa Bay is fortunate to have many different excellent birth options, including Morton Plant hospital in downtown Clearwater. Today we had a private tour and are pleased to share what we learned!

Before You Go into Labor

You’ll be able to pre-register and meet with a special “family admission nurse” to talk about your choices and preferences. You can also attend one or more of their classes. Class topics include laboring without pain medicine, with pain medicine, breastfeeding, big sister/big brother, Dad boot camp, waterbirth and more. Take a tour of the facilities yourself to get an idea of where you’ll be staying, where family members can wait and more. 

In Labor

Once you’ve been admitted to the hospital, you have several great options for relaxed, comforted labor. For instance, you can choose to labor in a birth pool. As your provider about this option! You can also choose to use nitrous oxide. And of course, a full array of other medical pain management options are available.

Giving Birth

The team at Contemporary Women’s Care offers one of the few, if not the only, local hospital options to give birth to your baby in the birth pool, if you like. If your baby will be born via c-section, the operating team can also offer you a gentle c-section. Because Morton Plant has achieved the prestigious Baby-Friendly Hospital designation, every baby is placed skin-to-skin with her mother for at least one hour immediately. The hospital also has a level II NICU for babies who need additional medical care and offers donor breastmilk, too!

Postpartum Recovery

Enjoy a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico and intracoastal waterway from your recovery room in the mother/baby unit. Nurses have lactation training and a handful have received the Certified Lactation Counselor designations. This team conducts rounds in the mother/baby unit, ensuring every new mother gets the support she needs.

Arriving Home

Outpatient lactation visits are available for mothers who need additional assistance with breastfeeding. New mothers are also encouraged to call the unit if more help is needed.

In 2015, Morton Plant broke ground on a $200 million expansion. This includes the new four-story Doyle Tower, which will house all women’s services on one floor. In part because of its Baby-Friendly designation and waterbirth options, Morton Plant is one of the most popular birth locations in Tampa Bay, with more than 2000 babies born there last year.

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