AdventHealth Tampa Hospital Tour
We recently toured AdventHealth Tampa formerly (Florida Hospital Tampa) and met with Birth Designer, Emily Sullivan, RN, BSN. Here are some of the things we learned:


The Birth Designer works with each mother-to-be to customize her birth experience and act as a liaison between her care provider and the hospital. Services that Emily provides to expecting parents include:

– personal consultation

– birth classes and tours

– assistance with birth plans

– answers questions regarding labor and postpartum and amenities offered by the hospital

Expecting parents who meet with Emily are provided with a checklist of birth preferences to discuss.

We were happy to see that one of the items on the list is:

“I have chosen a Doula to assist me in the labor process.

I understand that I will provide my own Doula   ___ Yes ___ No

Doula’s name: _____________________________”

Other birth wishes and preferences discussed include: various comfort measures, pain relief options, positions in labor, lighting, music, who will cut the umbilical cord, skin-to-skin time, pediatrician, feeding preferences and more. It goes without saying that these options are treated as “wishes.” Birth is unpredictable and sometimes requires a ‘Plan B’ approach to ensure the health of mom and baby.

Childbirth classes offered include: birth preparation, CPR, breastfeeding, sibling preparation, baby basics, planned cesarean course and more. Those who want an online course can take advantage of their Understanding Childbirth e-class.


In addition to their team of physicians, The Florida Hospital Tampa Women’s Health Pavilion has partnered with Women’s Health Care to offer personalized midwifery care to expecting families. Midwives provide a full array of birthing options and this team is also very supportive of VBAC.

Nitrous oxide is available, as well as the more well-known pain management options. (Read more about nitrous oxide here.) If your baby will be born via cesarean, they offer gentle cesarean birth and will allow your doula to join you in the OR if requested. Speak to your care provider about this. A Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is on site for babies who need intensive care.


A new program called “The Birthday Experience” has been implemented which includes; personal concierge services, afternoon tea, room service, celebration meal, birthday cake and spa products for laboring and postpartum women. There is also an in-house photographer who provides newborn and family photography.

The Women’s Health Pavilion is undergoing renovations scheduled to be completed by the end of January 2017. The new spaces have a very hotel and spa-like feeling. Two of the new labor and delivery rooms will include tubs for laboring in the water.


A team of lactation specialists including two IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Counselors) supports women that are breastfeeding. They conduct scheduled follow-up calls to each postpartum mother after leaving the hospital to check in on them. Outpatients can make lactation appointments to come in for face-to-face support or join the monthly breastfeeding support group.


This group meets twice a month and provides an opportunity for new moms to meet other new moms and discuss motherhood and topics of interest. It’s a free group for Moms and babies age four weeks to 14 months with occasional guest speakers and activities such as infant sign language, music, etc. Additionally their Postpartum Depression support program includes screenings, education, support groups and seminars.

Contact Emily Sullivan, Birth Designer, (813) 615-7300, to schedule a complimentary tour of the hospital.

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