Christmas Gift Ideas for your Partner

Well, Christmas is here. Everywhere you look there is a new toy, book or adorable outfit to purchase for a child. But, my mind always goes blank when trying to pick a gift for my husband. This can be even trickier when you are new parents (or soon to be new parents).

To help make your job easier, I have compiled a list of gift ideas to give to your partner that will also remind you to keep having fun together as a couple- even after kids!

A lot of the ideas involve a gift card for a future activity. I try so hard not to give gift cards, but in this case I will make an exception. My main reason for the exception? If you have already laid out the money for the dinner, activity or show there is a much better chance you are actually going to go! This helps new parents schedule activities in advance to have some time together and not just think about doing it!

2. Movie tickets and a popcorn bucket. 

Most movie theaters sell a huge bucket of popcorn that you pay a small amount to refill each time you go to the movies. It usually pays for itself over 3 or 4 movies. What great motivation to actually take a look at what is playing and schedule a date night.

3. Gift certificate or tickets for an “adventure” date. 

Think paddle boarding, kayaking, Top Golf, Busch Gardens, Tree Hoppers. The sky is the limit as you think about what adventures you’d like to do as a couple and set that date to make new memories.

4. Board games. 

Maybe you aren’t ready to venture out and away from your baby yet. It’s ok, make some time to do something together at home. There are so many fun board games out there now. Just make sure you can play with two people (Jenga, Yahtzee, Scrabble, etc). It is even more fun if you keep a running tally all year long.

5. Concert/ sporting event/ comedy show tickets. 

Take a look at the calendar in advance and see what is coming to your area. This is another great way to get a date scheduled and planned well in advance. Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – don’t be insanely naive like we were and get tickets to a show near your due date. Needless to say, those tickets went unused.

6. Tour tickets/ museum tickets. 

Be a tourist in your own city and buy tickets for a tour in your area. My personal favorite would be any and all ghost tours. My husband would be much happier on a brewery tour. Maybe something in between like a city highlight segway tour. A quick Google search will help you pinpoint ideas in your area.

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

By: Rebecca Towner, Postpartum Doula & CLEC

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