Another Reason Why Two Doulas are Better than One

Two Doulas Are Better Than One

Recently, one of our clients gave birth to her twin babies at 32 weeks. Her doula was by her side supporting her during labor, delivery and postpartum. She had a very positive experience.

While many babies are born closer to their due dates, you most likely won’t know exactly when your baby will be born. As doulas, we go “on call” in order to support our clients. What does it mean to be on call? It means being available at all hours of the day or night, staying within a short travel radius of our clients, being sober, healthy and ready to drop everything to come to our laboring clients.

Most solo-practicing doulas have an on-call period surrounding your due date of about four weeks – usually two weeks before and two weeks after your due date. But what happens if you go into labor earlier than that? What happens if you need support at 25, 30, 31 or 32 weeks? Will your doula be in town? Will she be well-rested? What if she has other clients in labor? Will your doula be available and ready to support you immediately?

At Buddha Belly, the answer is YES. Our doulas work in teams of two, sharing the call schedule. We go on call immediately upon being hired by you. The result is that one of your two doulas is ALWAYS available to support you. Whether your baby is born at 28 weeks or 42 weeks your doulas will be ready.

Our doula team model allows one doula to be on call, ready to give you 100%, while the other doula has a break. This socially responsible structure benefits everyone. We are happy to provide this premier level of service, care and compassion at a time when you need it most.

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Christie believes in helping women recognize their own inner wisdom, strength and power. Having served as President of the Tampa Bay Birth Network for six years and with ten years serving families as a birth doula, she has a reputation for leadership, dedication and compassion. A childbirth educator, certified lactation counselor as well as a certified doula, she makes a point of ensuring mothers and their partners understand all their birthing options and what to expect on their journey.> keep reading

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