Babymoon: One Last Hurrah before Baby

Babymoon Vacation
I sat on Caspersen Beach, just south of Venice Beach, Florida, in a beach chair, my toes slowly curling and uncurling through the sand, under a tropically-hued umbrella, leisurely reading one of the installments in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series.

Perhaps I easily return to this blissful day, seven years ago, because it was one of the last as me, just Amy. Not Mama, MA! Mom, Mommy or *shudder* Mother. My husband and I were on our “Babymoon.” We didn’t know at the time this was a thing, but a friend later used the word and it struck with a chord of clarity in my ears.

My husband, Brad, spent his days patiently and tirelessly sifting through the wave-churned shells and sand in the surf, searching for the sharks teeth that this area of Florida is famous for. After the sun would set, I’d waddle my 7 ½ month pregnant self across the warm sand and back to our cool, peaceful hotel suite. (It was this resort on Siesta Key. We’ve stayed there several times, including with children, and can’t say enough about how awesome they are.)

The memory of these days play quietly in my head. I didn’t know then what I do now: the struggle of little kids at the beach (the sand, the stuff, the never sitting still, THE SAND in the mouth and the bodies and sand everywhere!!!), the lack of me-time (I read books and no one stopped me!), and the sleeping – sleeping late, taking naps, staying up late.

Motherhood does change everything. Life will never be the same. Doesn’t a vacation to celebrate this upcoming change sound great?

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