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My first pregnancy entailed many adventures, but one of the paths led me to Buddha Belly. I utilized Buddha Belly for my placenta encapsulation. Amy came to our home the day after I delivered and began the process of carefully preparing and drying my placenta for encapsulation so that I would have it immediately available to me once I got home from the hospital.

Upon coming home, I took the recommended two capsules twice daily. I felt relief from general postpartum discomforts starting approximately 30 min after taking the capsules. My uterine cramping especially seemed to respond to the capsules and lessened. In a curious way, they gave me energy to keep up with the every 2 hr feedings but also helped relax me so that i could sleep.

I also take them should I feel a little “emotional “. For postpartum sleep deprived me, I would have rushes of various emotions, fear of being a new mom, anxiety of this new role, mixed with overwhelming joy for this tiny new being. Within a few minutes of consuming the capsules I noticed an overall sense of calmness that quieted those anxious, overwhelming and somewhat fearful emotions. Any traces of baby blues would be relieved with the capsules too. Now that my little one is 102 days old, I still continue to take one capsule a day until they are all gone. I can still feel relief and an overall sense of calmness shortly after consuming it.

I truly believe the placenta capsules made my transition into the postpartum world much easier. My body and mind healed much quicker with them so that i can enjoy this very special time with my husband and new bundle of love.

I am grateful to Buddha Belly for doing such a wonderful job! Everything about our experiences was top notch! The preparation was thorough, clean and incredibly supportive. I whole heartily recommend their services as well as the placenta encapsulation to anyone expecting a new bundle of love♡

Lisa Laplante, St. Petersburg

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