She was absolutely irreplaceable – Brittany, Apollo Beach


My husband and I knew right when we met Christie and Amy that they were an asset that we wanted on our birth team.

With this being our first child and me really wanting a natural delivery we knew they would be worth every penny. Christie ended up being my doula and she was absolutely irreplaceable. I ended up having to be induced and I was so worried this would hinder my plans to deliver naturally but because of Christie’s support throughout labor I was able to do it! She helped my husband help me and we are so thankful.

Most of all she was a huge advocate for me, she supported my birth plan through every step. She was also able to capture priceless pictures that we will cherish forever. I can not thank Christie enough-she is truly amazing!

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Buddha Belly offers new and expectant families the unequalled prenatal, labor and postpartum support in the greater Tampa Bay area.

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