The Doulas of Buddha Belly Help Women Feel Less Scared – Jessica Brumley, CNM, USF Health

Review by USF Midwife

Evidence has demonstrated that women who have a doula are less likely to use pain medication in labor, less risk of cesarean section and a higher satisfaction with their birth experience.

We love working with a supportive doula but not all doulas are the same.

The doulas of Buddha Belly Birth Services are not only skilled in techniques to support women during labor but do so in a way that is supportive of the relationship between the woman, her family and her midwife or doctor. This philosophy creates a birth space that is trusting and not divisive.

As a midwife attending births in a hospital setting, I know some women are scared that they will be pushed to have interventions that are not indicated and feel the need to fight for a natural birth.

The doulas of Buddha Belly Birth Services can help women feel less scared and more trusting by sharing their knowledge of our birth services, preparing women for childbirth and advocating for women prenatally and during labor. It is not uncommon for me to receive a message from Christie or other members of her group in regards to a patients concern or question. Knowing their doula also knows and trusts their midwife can make for a smoother experience.

The USF Midwives are thrilled to have Buddha Belly Birth Services as such a great partner in supporting normal childbirth in Tampa Bay.

Jessica Brumley, CNM, PhD, Director of Midwifery USF Health

About Buddha Belly Doulas

Buddha Belly offers new and expectant families the unequalled prenatal, labor and postpartum support in the greater Tampa Bay area.

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