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Breastfeeding and Pumping in a hurricane

Are you worried at all about the potential impact of Hurricane Irma on you and your baby? Here’s some helpful tips from one of our postpartum doulas:

If you are currently breastfeeding- continue to do so. There is no need to stop breastfeeding because of a storm. Just do the best you can to care for yourself as well by staying hydrated.

If you have pumped milk in your freezer, try to fill up the freezer (with ice, newspaper, other food) as much as possible to keep it cold as long as possible. Do this before the storm so you don’t have to open the freezer when the power is out and lose valuable “cold.” If you have a stash of milk in the freezer and lose power, know that not all is lost! Try to keep your freezer closed as much as possible. Your milk is still considered “frozen” even when there are only ice crystals left.

If you are an exclusively-pumping mother or you may potentially be giving birth right before, during or after the storm, check your breast pump to see if it came with a battery adaptor and then stock up on batteries! Also consider purchasing a hand pump to have just in case. Fill up a few Tupperware containers or bowls with lids with tap water that you can use to clean your pump parts or bottles. It may also be helpful to have some of the “Quick Clean” wipes for pumps handy too since you may not have hot water.

If you are formula feeding or combo feeding- consider buying individual sized premixed formula to reduce the risk of running out of water. Remember, powdered formula is not sterile!

Don’t forget to have plenty of diapers and wipes. If you use cloth diapers, this might be a time to pick up a pack or two of disposables, as you might not be able to wash them for a few days.

By: Rebecca Towner, Postpartum Doula, CLEC

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