Belly Cast? Why? Where Do I Put It?

Why you should get a belly cast made.


We get this question from time to time. People sometimes ask:

“What would I do with it?”

Hang your belly cast in your baby's’ nursery! Have it decorated to match the theme. Hang it in your own bedroom, or even in a prominent location in your home for all to see. Display it in your home office, on a shelf, or just keep it in a safe space where you can come and admire it any time you like.

Some may be shy about displaying a cast of their own body in their home where guests can see it. Possibly it makes them feel a bit like they are standing pregnant and naked in front of others. I had this brief concern myself before I hung my belly cast in my home. (But I put it up anyway!)

One woman said she’d rather have a belly cast of her tightly chiseled abdomen muscles and not a pregnant belly. And to all of these considerations we say: We understand. To each her own. You do you!

Other women and families wish to celebrate pregnancy with a belly cast:

  • Because it feels like a really special time in their life.
  • They love being pregnant. Pregnant = queen status!
  • They worked so hard to grow this baby inside their body and want to remember it forever.
  • They struggled with infertility and pushed through many obstacles to get here.
  • They had a pregnancy or infant loss in the past.
  • They never made it this far in pregnancy before and baby is now past the point of viability.
  • They want to give the belly cast to their child as a keepsake.
  • This will be their last pregnancy and it is a milestone in their life.

As you can see from the images below your completed cast can be in any shape you like and you can direct exactly how much of your body you’d like to include. Many of our former clients have sent us photos of their belly casts displayed beautifully in their homes and nurseries.

Show it off! It’s your treasure and you deserve to shine. Our artists are ready to help you create your lifelong keepsake.

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