Not Everyone Wants or Needs Doula Support

Not Everybody Needs or Wants a Doula

Not everyone wants or needs doula support. And that’s okay.

There, we said it. And it’s true.

We do believe that every birthing person and new family needs unconditional support.

What’s unconditional support?

Presence: in the moment, validating your cares and concerns and affirming your experience.

Insight: clearly understanding what you or your baby is experiencing and offering comfort and solutionsLove: care and empathy for yours and your baby’s feelings.

Deference: an agreement that your body, your baby, your wishes are the most important – not our opinions.

This unconditional support can come from your partner, your parent, your sibling, your friend, or other loved one in your life. They can prepare for this important role by reading books, taking childbirth classes and hearing from others.

About Amy Lewis

Amy is certified by ProDoula as a labor doula, postpartum and infant care doula and postpartum placenta specialist. She was certified by the Healthy Children Project and the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice as a lactation counselor and is a birth, newborn and breastfeeding educator.

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