Newborn Care Options: Postpartum Doulas

newborn care in tampa florida postpartum doulas

Newborn care options are often on the minds of parents all over the Tampa area.

Buddha Belly isn’t just for birth, we offer a full range of options for bringing home baby!

Postpartum Doulas are incredible sources of support and knowledge for both brand new and veteran parents. Bringing together knowledge of safety standards, real-world applications, and some tips and tricks you can only pick up by working with many families, we’re an asset to any family adjusting to life with their new baby.

While nannies and babysitters can provide care for older children, Postpartum Doulas are uniquely trained to offer support to new families, supporting the whole unit and not just the baby. We also are able to offer unique shifts (like overnight) to provide care while your family sleeps. At Buddha Belly, we work in an agency model that allows for more flexibility with staffing and scheduling. This means if your main caregiver cannot work a shift, we probably have someone who can.

Overnight Newborn Care

Bringing home your baby is a huge shift for all members of your family. Having someone come care for your newborn overnight can mean the difference between a restful recovery and a stressed blur. Overnight care begins by forming a plan catered to your family based on your needs and goals. Both breastfeeding and bottle feeding families find it incredibly helpful to have a caregiver in their home while they get some sleep.

We know new parents lose about 2 hours of sleep a night during their baby’s first 5 months. It’s especially important to enlist help during this time period! We find this option is perfect for a large number of clients and especially for households where both caregivers work. Lack of sleep can be attributed to mental health issues in new parents as well as decreased cognitive function. Booking care before your baby makes their debut ensures you restful nights without hoping and wishing for a longer stretch of sleep.

Live-In Care

Yes, you can have around-the-clock care for you and your baby. 

Live-in Care is often a great kick-off to extended Postpartum Care. It’s excellent for helping ease the transition once you have your new baby home with you. Having someone in the house to take over the feeding, meal prep, or even laundry can be an excellent reprieve while you bond and heal. The most important thing, after all, is making sure you are set up for success. You might also consider live-in care with a doula if you have a high-need baby or multiples! Twins and triplets require twice or three times the work and an extra set of hands on deck can be indispensable. 

Daytime Family Care

Ideally, new parents would spend their parental leave sleeping, eating, and recovering as their new addition adjusts to life outside the womb. Unfortunately, they also have to cook the food, wash the laundry, do the dishes…the list goes on. That’s where daytime care comes in. We love offering this service for the first few weeks/months home during parental leave. It’s also wonderful for new work-from-home parents who need someone to help soothe their baby to sleep while they’re on a conference call.

From taking on the cooking and day-to-day maintenance of the home to offering sleep tips and shushing your sweet newborn to sleep, your Postpartum Doula can handle anything the daytime might throw your way so that you can focus on whatever needs your attention. 

Choosing to hire a Postpartum Doula for the care of your family after birth is an incredible investment in your future. We know that there are many different newborn care options but we’re seeking to do things a little differently. Buddha Belly provides the highest quality services to families in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. We’re proud to offer safe, reliable, and flexible services that can be catered to fit any family’s needs. 

Curious about what care might look like for your family? Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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