Virtual Labor Doula Support

Virtual Doula

During this current health crisis families are still having babies and in need of labor support. In this time of social distancing and with hospital doula/visitor policies are in flux, we’ve got a plan. We are still here and able to support our clients virtually with the same level of compassionate care. Our Virtual Labor Doula Support plan provides you the most support and attention that we can give you.

Birth doulas provide support in three ways:




We can still provide emotional and informational support through a virtual platform such as facetime, skype or any other video chat app. As you navigate your labor and birth we help you: understand what is happening, when to go to the birth facility, what comfort measures and positions you can try, walking you through any major decisions, giving suggestions on how to cope, answering questions, reminding you to hydrate, helping you focus and providing emotional support with understanding and encouragement.

Your virtual doula is still the knowledgeable and seasoned coach that you want with you guiding you through this experience.

The main piece of the puzzle that changes is the physical aspect. To help with this aspect we are scheduling an additional virtual education session prenatally with each of our clients to thoroughly educate you on ALL of the comfort measures and physical techniques that you can do with your partner. Since we may not be there ourselves with our own hands-on assistance, we can teach you and your partner these techniques so you feel prepared and ready to use them in labor.

The following is a summary of how virtual labor doula support might look for you. If you are already an existing client, some of these steps may have already been done in person. If you are a new client all of these steps can be done virtually if necessary:

Virtual Consultation:

Meet your doulas and get to know them virtually to decide if you’d like to hire them!

Virtual, Text, Phone, Email Prenatal Support:

Once you’ve hired your doulas they are available to you seven days a week for support. You can reach out to them in whatever way you prefer to ask questions, get info, to share news, to learn about a particular topic, or to lean on them as a friendly person who understands what you are going through to support you.

Virtual Prenatal Meeting:

In this 1-2 hour meeting you will discuss everything about your upcoming labor and birth and get all questions answered. This includes learning about all birthing options, medical interventions, induction, cesarean, pain relief options, figuring out your preferences, and coming up with your birth plan/preferences. Your doulas can share info about your hospital or birth location protocols, and more. You will discuss immediate newborn care testing, options, etc.

Virtual Comfort Measures Class:

Since your doulas can not be with you in person, they will teach you and your partner comfort measures and when to use them in labor. This includes: massage, breathing, positions, counter pressure, visualization, affirmations, and more. By the end of this class you and your partner will have tools and feel prepared to use them during labor.

Virtual Labor Support:

Your doula will provide informational and emotional support throughout your labor and birth virtually. Your doula will be on the phone with you through facetime, skype or any other face to face platform. We encourage you to use your doula liberally as a resource, when making decisions or when you need help coping. She provides the same support (besides the physical support) by helping you with suggestions, ideas, and coping measures throughout labor in a virtual way.

Times to call your doula virtually:

– As soon as you have signs of labor

– During and throughout early labor

– When deciding to head to the hospital or birth location

– When there are any major changes at all. For example: contractions get more intense, your water breaks, you have a new/different sensation physically

– If you have questions about pain medication, relief options

– Before making any major decisions

– Throughout active labor

– During pushing

– Any time you need support, have a questions, want more information, etc.

If your doula doesn’t hear from you otherwise you can expect her to check in with you every 2 hours.

Virtual, Text, Phone, Email Postpartum Support:

Once you’ve had your baby your doulas are still available to provide support in the immediate postpartum period. You can reach out to them to ask questions, share news or learn about a particular topic. This is also a time to lean on them as a friendly person who understands what you are going through.

Virtual Postpartum Meeting:

Your doula will meet with you virtually after you’ve had your baby. In this meeting she will check in on how you are doing and answer any questions. You can talk to her about your birth, breastfeeding, newborn care or any topic of concern.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Our doulas are here for you. We will do everything they can to help you as you navigate this new territory.

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