The Benefits of Private Childbirth Classes


Not everybody wants to leave their house to take a childbirth class.

Therfore, we offer private childbirth classes that are taught in the comfort of your home, in person (or over a virtual platform.) Our certified childbirth educators bring all the learning to you, including all of the books, teaching props and gear.

In this era of COVID-19 and social distancing, the community is mostly trying to avoid groups of people. In this case, a private childbirth class with just the educator, you and your partner can be a good alternative. Our educators follow CDC guidelines and will wear a mask while they are in your home. Also, we accommodate those who would like classes taught on a virtual platform too. A zero contact class is totally manageable. Additionally, we mail you your workbooks and materials ahead of time so you have everything you need.

One major benefit of a private childbirth class is that it can be scheduled when it is most convenient for you.

So, if a scheduled group class does not work with your schedule, a private class will solve this problem. Secondly, some people are more introverted and would rather not share their class time with others. Don’t worry – we get you. A private class is just for you! No embarrassing group activities that you can’t stand.

Above all, we customize and tailor the class to what you want to learn about. We combine our expertise in childbirth, local birth facilities and your values and preferences to ensure a completely personalized experience. You have one-on-one, devoted attention to your questions and concerns. 

We have many different class offerings and all of them can be taken privately. For instance, our one day Birth Essentials class, or a more comprehensive Preparing For Birth Class as well as HypnoBirthing, Breastfeeding or Newborn Care Classes. Check out all of our class offerings here.

In summary, private classes are a great for:

  • remaining socially distanced
  • families with a busy work/life schedule
  • introverts (Mom or partner)
  • those who prefer the comfort of home
  • tired pregnant people that don’t want to get up and go
  • if you are on medical bedrest
  • immunocompromised individuals
  • families that want extra one-on-one time
  • those who’ve had past trauma or complications
  • anybody that wants a private class!

Contact us to get your private class scheduled.

About Christie Collbran

Christie believes in helping women recognize their own inner wisdom, strength and power. Having served as President of the Tampa Bay Birth Network for six years and with ten years serving families as a birth doula, she has a reputation for leadership, dedication and compassion. A childbirth educator, certified lactation counselor as well as a certified doula, she makes a point of ensuring mothers and their partners understand all their birthing options and what to expect on their journey.> keep reading