Pregnancy After 35 | Advanced Maternal Age

Pregnancy After 35, Advanced Maternal Age, man hugging pregnant woman

One day you’re 34 and feeling fine, but as the clock strikes midnight on your 35th birthday the switch is flipped and your fertility takes a nosedive, right? Forget gradual changes – your ovaries throw a little party and the DJ starts spinning “Last Dance.” Your eggs decide to pack their bags and head for…

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Do You Have a Postpartum Plan?

Pregnant couple sitting with a laptop and a postpartum plan

You’ve got your birth class done, your hospital bag packed and your car-seat safely installed! Have you considered what happens once you are home with your baby in your arms? Do you have a postpartum plan in place?  You may have heard a lot of talk about birth plans and much less discussion about a…

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The Benefits of Choosing a Doula Agency

A doula offering a cup of tea to a new mom, why choose a doula agency?

If you’re on this page, you’re likely considering bringing a doula into your birth or postpartum experience. Kudos to you for prioritizing support and care during this remarkable journey. As someone deeply involved in the Tampa Bay community – a doula here since 2009, and the founder of Buddha Belly Doulas since 2014 – I’ve…

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Safe Sleep For Your Baby

Safe Sleep For Baby, Baby in a crib

We know how exciting it is to tuck your baby in for a good night’s sleep, so let’s make sure it’s not only cozy but also safe as can be. a. Safe to Sleep Recommendations for Baby: First things first, let’s talk about the golden rules of safe sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)…

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Braxton Hicks Contractions: The Prequel to Labor

Pregnant Mother holds belly, Braxton Hicks Contractions

Braxton what?! If you’re on this page, chances are you’ve heard whispers about Braxton Hicks contractions and today, we’re going to demystify them for you.  What are Braxton Hicks Contractions? Braxton Hicks contractions, also charmingly known as “practice contractions,” are the dress rehearsal before the real show. They’re your uterus’s way of flexing its muscles…

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Newborn Sleep – What to Expect

Newborn sleeping on a moon pillow with star pillows around him

Ah, the magical world of newborn sleep! It’s like a roller coaster ride that you never signed up for, but guess what? You’re not alone on this wild journey. Parents and soon-to-be parents, especially those snuggling tiny bundles of joy in the wee hours of the night, this one is for you. Let’s dive into…

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Postpartum Sweating & Body Odor: Smells Like Motherhood

Postpartum Sweating and Body Odor

Along with the countless joys of parenthood, there are also a few unexpected challenges that come with the territory. We’re diving right into a topic that might not get as much airtime as baby names and nursery decorations, but it’s just as real: postpartum sweating and body odor. Yep, we’re getting up close and personal…

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The Prenatal Meeting with Your Birth Doulas

Birth Doulas Meeting with a Pregnant Couple sitting on a couch

When you work with Buddha Belly Doulas for labor support you get two doulas who are on-call for you 24/7! During pregnancy your doulas are available to answer questions, provide support and help you prepare for your special day. When you go into labor, whichever doula is on-call at the time will be the one…

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Decision Making During Labor: Using Your B.R.A.I.N.

Brain vs heart, making decisions during labor

The waves of labor bring you up and down and occasionally all over the place. At times in labor, we simply have to go with the flow and surrender to mother nature’s plan. However, now and again we may need to use our B.R.A.I.N. to make decisions during labor.    While childbirth can be filled with…

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The Group B Strep Test and Its Role in Labor

IV during labor, Group B Strep Test, GBS

One of the numerous tests and procedures to deal with during pregnancy is the Group B Streptococcus (GBS) test. This is a routine part of prenatal care and July is International GBS awareness month. So, in this blog post, we will shed light on what to expect regarding your GBS test and the results.  What…

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