Coping with Morning Sickness: 3 Big Questions Answered

Mom laying down, feeling sick, morning sickness

If you recently found out you were pregnant, you might be receiving that oh-so-wonderful first-trimester gift:  Nausea.  Fatigue.  Toilet…  Repeat.  Morning sickness is not for the weak. But it sure does make you feel weak.  There are so many things happening in your life-giving, miracle-producing body. And with that may come this unpleasant side-effect.  What…

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Will Acupuncture Help My Pregnancy Symptoms?

Acupuncture in Pregnancy

Pregnancy can sometimes feel like a mix of pleasure and pain. On the one hand, your body is a literal miracle machine. You’re creating new life, and my, don’t you glow!  But on the other hand…  Maybe the reason you’re “glowing” is from all the lovely morning sickness sweat. Or now your back is hurting,…

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Baby Sleep: The Basics of Sleep Stages

Dad holding newborn baby sleeping, baby sleep stages

No matter who you are… Sleep is important.  We all need to sleep in order to revive our bodies and minds. So, if it’s vital for you as an adult, imagine the importance of good sleep for your growing baby.  I know what you’re thinking though…  Won’t my baby learn how to sleep on their…

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Will I Make It As a Solo Parent?

Solo Parent, Single Parenting, Mom and baby

Being a single parent brings parenting challenges to the next level. If you’re pregnant or just had a baby, you understand the pressure it puts on you as a single person.  There’s no way around it. It’s hard.  But, it’s not a bad thing. It’s important to remember that you are the best parent for…

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Gender Disappointment: You’re Not The Only One

Gender disappointment, magnifying glass looking at boy or girl symbol

For some this may be a taboo or controversial topic, but let’s go there together. We are all having a human experience and it’s okay to be authentic about our feelings.  As a Mom of two amazing boys, who are now 17 and 11, these young men mean more to me than anything in the…

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Is This Normal? 5 Postpartum Red Flags To Keep In Mind

Postpartum Red Flags, Mom with newborn baby on her chest

The postpartum period is a magical time.  You’re somewhere between recovering from a battle wound and falling in love all over again. Think: Love Actually meets Saving Private Ryan. So much love. So much pain. Sleep is basically a mythical creature and the days seem to string along like an unraveling ball of yarn.  You’re…

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5 Helpful Ideas to Create Intimate Connection With Your Partner

Intimate Connection With Partner, Mom and Dad kissing, baby lying next to them

It’s been a while since you brought your new baby home. So many emotions… Joy and stress. Mountain tops and valleys. Moments of pure bliss followed by moments of panic and overwhelm.  What a rollercoaster!  You feel like your brain cannot bear to hold one more responsibility or emotion.  That’s why during this time, connecting…

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