Parents Need Help Not Judgment


Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to deal with a Judgy McJudgerpants in your life? I recently wrote about coping with a colicky baby as a new parent – what made it better and what didn’t. Three aspects of the situation made it harder: lack of support judgment and unsolicited advice. I was exclusively…

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“Mommy, I Pooped My Pants”


The story of a Christmas tree excursion that didn’t go exactly as planned.  It was a dark evening in the Christmas tree tent, as 3 year old Jack and 8 year old Shane ran around giggling with glee during their annual hide-n-seek game. The other tree-shoppers didn’t seem to mind. They had also been touched…

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COVID-19 and Doula Support and Safety

COVID-19 Doula Support

As the COVID-19 crisis continues around the world, babies are still being born every day and more and more families may need the support of their birth doula, postpartum doula or lactation counselor. Your family’s health and well-being, as well as ours, is our top priority. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update…

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Teaching Labor Support Workshops Across Florida

Labor Support Skills Workshop

Christie and Amy, Buddha Belly owners, have been participating in an exciting project teaching labor support skills across Florida and we wanted to share what it is all about.  In 2017 Christie was invited to as a doula consultant and trainer, to join a special project teaching labor support skills with the Florida Perinatal Quality…

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We share these thoughts, in honor of June, LGBT Pride month. We stand together with our friends while events and parades are held across the country. Why is this important? Why do we believe the LGBTQIA community should be celebrated and supported? The short answer is – because it doesn’t matter whom you love. People…

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Another Reason Why Two Doulas are Better than One

Two Doulas Are Better Than One

Recently, one of our clients gave birth to her twin babies at 32 weeks. Her doula was by her side supporting her during labor, delivery and postpartum. She had a very positive experience. While many babies are born closer to their due dates, you most likely won’t know exactly when your baby will be born. As doulas,…

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Meet Bailey Ryczek – Tampa Bay Birth Doula

Bailey Ryczek

Bailey Ryczek has recently joined the doula team at Buddha Belly! Bailey is a native Floridian and was born at Morton Plant Hospital in Dunedin. And her mother had the support of a birth doula! She herself became interested in becoming a doula as a profession after embarking on a journey to start a family…

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Interested In Joining Our Team?

We are searching for new team members to join us at Buddha Belly in serving families of Tampa Bay. Doula began as a Greek word that means “a woman who serves.” The meaning has evolved to become a professional, trained and experienced in childbirth and the postpartum period, who provides physical, emotional and informational support.  (And…

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Meet Marisa Seegraves, Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula

I’m so excited to introduce you to my dear friend Marisa Seegraves. We met a few years ago on the Pinellas trail while picking up our kids from Ozona Elementary school and a sweet friendship (and carpool pick up schedule) was born. Marisa admired my Baltic amber necklace which led to her buying four amber necklaces from me (one for herself and one…

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Welcome To Buddha Belly

buddha belly birth happy

Welcome to Buddha Belly Birth! We are very excited to have finally given birth to this new brand for the business and are looking forward to what the future holds. Having been a doula and a birth advocate in the Tampa area for years (without a blog! just a website) I have many blog posts…

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