Considering HypnoBirthing Classes? Learn more about this relaxation technique, the benefits and how it may help you to have a calm and peaceful labor.


The Benefits of Private Childbirth Classes

By Christie Collbran | August 26, 2020

Not everybody wants to leave their house to take a childbirth class. Therfore, we offer private childbirth classes that are taught in the comfort of your home, in person (or over a virtual platform.) Our certified childbirth educators bring all the learning to you, including all of the books, teaching props and gear. In this…

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What HypnoBirthing Taught Me

By Buddha Belly Doulas | December 1, 2019

I’m forever grateful for HypnoBirthing. World class athletes use hypnosis. Why can’t women in labor? I was 25 years old when HypnoBirthing came into my life. I was young but certain that I didn’t want to do what the other women in my family were doing. Part of me knew there was something more to…

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New Group Classes forming in January, 2020

By Amy Lewis | November 29, 2019

We’re pleased to add several new group classes to the Buddha Belly schedule in 2020! Group HypnoBirthing Class Series In our five-week group HypnoBirthing classes you will learn the full relaxation techniques of the program along side other pregnant couples. Some laboring women have found the HypnoBirthing method has resulted in a faster and shorter…

Pregnant Mom by the Ocean - What I Know About HypnoBirthing

What I Know About HypnoBirthing

By Buddha Belly Doulas | November 13, 2019

HypnoBirthing works in different ways for different women. What I know about HypnoBirthing is – for some women it’s the nudge they need to walk into the hospital without white knuckles. For some women it’s the tool for an orgasmic birth in their own bathtub. Much like two women could take the same yoga class…


What Is HypnoBirthing?

By Buddha Belly Doulas | May 31, 2019

What is HypnoBirthing?  To begin with, HypnoBirthing® (The Mongan Method) is based on a philosophy and technique that is thousands of years old. It resurfaced in the work of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, a 1920’s English obstetrician who was a pioneer in natural birthing without fear and anxiety. Most importantly, the method teaches you how to…

How Will I Cope in Labor

How Will I Cope with Labor?

By Christie Collbran | April 9, 2018

How will I cope with labor? What are the options? Some mothers know exactly what they want and others would like to research and learn about their options. Here is a brief summary of some pain relief and coping strategies used in labor. 1. Unmedicated/Comfort Measures Laboring mothers that plan to go without medicine often…

Benefits of a Childbirth Class

Are Childbirth Classes Still a Thing?

By Christie Collbran | May 25, 2016

Yes – taking a childbirth class is still a thing! Let’s breakdown the benefits of a childbirth class. I know we are now accustomed to Googling and using the Internet to find information. And while those are definitely a resource, taking a childbirth class in person is still a great option. I attended a 10-week childbirth…