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Newborn Care

What Is Vernix Caseosa?

What is vernix?

No, your newborn isn’t dirty! That’s vernix caseosa, a powerfully protective, “water proof” coating that covers baby’s skin in utero and prevents heat loss after birth. Vernix can aid in the passage through the birth canal and act as a physical barrier against bacteria. It’s also theorized that vernix helps in the development of healthy…

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3 Different Ideas for Where Baby Sleeps

Where does your baby sleep

As postpartum doulas, the first job we’re often helping new parents with is: where should my baby sleep? With the right equipment and precautions, the short answer is: anywhere you want. Each family scenario – each baby – is different, and flexibility and options are key to finding the best solutions. And by best, we…

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Why Delay Clamping Baby’s Umbilical Cord?


Once your baby is born, at some point, his/her umbilical cord must be clamped and then separated from the placenta. Many families are now considering delaying when this clamping happens because of the benefits offered to the newborn. Approximately one-third of a baby’s total blood volume is in the placenta and/or umbilical cord at birth.…

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Interview With an Overnight Newborn Care Specialist

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum doula, Marisa Seegraves specializes in overnight newborn care. She has been taking care of families as a nanny and doula for more than 12 years. How do you help families get more sleep?   As a postpartum doula one of my main goals is to help families get more sleep. During an overnight shift I care for…

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Three Common Medical Newborn Procedures

newborn medical procedures

Part of our practice as doulas and childbirth educators is to discuss procedures that happen during or after birth. Three common ones involve your newborn baby.  They are erythromycin eye ointment, vitamin K injection and hepatitis B vaccine. Erythromycin eye ointment This is an antibiotic ointment that goes into your baby’s eyes right after birth,…

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Overnight Newborn Care

overnight newborn care

“Last night was amazing! I was able to let go and really fall into a deep sleep. I feel almost human again! Marisa is amazing.” Erin Sharpe, Buddha Belly client. Marisa is one of Buddha Belly’s postpartum doulas, and specializes in overnight baby care. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding we can accommodate your overnight…

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20 Things To Do in Tampa Bay with a Newborn

Thins to do in Tampa Bay with a Newborn

Postpartum, babymoon, maternity leave… what do you call the period AFTER your baby is born? Even more importantly, what do you DO in this time?  As postpartum doulas, it’s our job and pleasure to pamper mothers after baby is born and we’re experts in this field.  That’s why we’ve compiled this list of how to…

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