Acupuncture in Pregnancy

Will Acupuncture Help My Pregnancy Symptoms?

By Christie Collbran | April 8, 2024

Pregnancy can sometimes feel like a mix of pleasure and pain. On the one hand, your body is a literal miracle machine. You’re creating new life, and my, don’t you glow!  But on the other hand…  Maybe the reason you’re “glowing” is from all the lovely morning sickness sweat. Or now your back is hurting,…

Postpartum Birth Control Guide, pills on top of a calendar with a pencil

What’s Best For My Body? Your Personal Postpartum Birth Control Guide

By Christie Collbran | March 12, 2024

You’ve made it! You’re finally no longer pregnant. I know at one point you convinced yourself you’d be pregnant forever. Your baby is here, and now you can breathe a sigh of relief. But, not so fast… You’ve recently survived labor and navigated a roller coaster of emotions. Now you’re in the newborn stage…neck-deep in…

Gender disappointment, magnifying glass looking at boy or girl symbol

Gender Disappointment: You’re Not The Only One

By Christie Collbran | March 4, 2024

For some this may be a taboo or controversial topic, but let’s go there together. We are all having a human experience and it’s okay to be authentic about our feelings.  As a Mom of two amazing boys, who are now 17 and 11, these young men mean more to me than anything in the…

Pregnant women holding leg in pain, pregnancy ailments

6 Common Pregnancy Ailments and Easy Remedies to Help

By Christie Collbran | January 13, 2024

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in your life. You are growing a living, breathing miracle inside your body. Trust me, your body is amazing. Don’t forget to soak in this moment and reflect on how much your body is doing. I know it can be hard to focus on that.  Mostly because… While your body…

Pregnant Mom looking at belly - prodromal labor

Am I Going Into Labor? Understanding Prodromal Labor

By Christie Collbran | January 1, 2024

Coming to the end of your pregnancy can be such a challenging task. Not only are you done being pregnant, but the inevitable question rears its head:  When will I go into labor?  Most of your pregnancy goes by in the blink of an eye. But the last month of pregnancy is a different story. …

A Mom Holding her Hand to her head - "Mommy Brain"

Is “Mommy Brain” Actually Real? New Moms Need Real Answers

By Christie Collbran | December 18, 2023

You woke up today with a lot of things to do. You have housework, a doctor’s appointment, and a million other things.  Then this happened: You made coffee but you can’t remember where you left it.  It’s in the microwave. Your husband called and you told him you lost your phone.  You’re talking on it.  …

pregnant couple in the third trimester

Third Trimester Checklist: What to Do in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

By Christie Collbran | December 11, 2023

Congratulations you made it to the third trimester of pregnancy! You are on the homestretch, the excitement is palpable, and your baby’s arrival is just around the corner. To help you have a smooth transition, we’ve compiled a comprehensive third trimester checklist just for you.  Go here to see our First and Second Trimester Checklists. …

Baby items - pregnancy after loss

Pregnancy After Loss

By Christie Collbran | October 28, 2023

Losing a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth is one of the hardest things any parent will ever go through. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I went into preterm labor at 17 weeks. Having made it to the 2nd trimester we had already announced the pregnancy to friends and family. My husband and…

Pregnancy After 35, Advanced Maternal Age, man hugging pregnant woman

Pregnancy After 35 | Advanced Maternal Age

By Christie Collbran | October 2, 2023

One day you’re 34 and feeling fine, but as the clock strikes midnight on your 35th birthday the switch is flipped and your fertility takes a nosedive, right? Forget gradual changes – your ovaries throw a little party and the DJ starts spinning “Last Dance.” Your eggs decide to pack their bags and head for…

Pregnant Mother holds belly, Braxton Hicks Contractions

Braxton Hicks Contractions: The Prequel to Labor

By Christie Collbran | September 4, 2023

Braxton what?! If you’re on this page, chances are you’ve heard whispers about Braxton Hicks contractions and today, we’re going to demystify them for you.  What are Braxton Hicks Contractions? Braxton Hicks contractions, also charmingly known as “practice contractions,” are the dress rehearsal before the real show. They’re your uterus’s way of flexing its muscles…

IV during labor, Group B Strep Test, GBS

The Group B Strep Test and Its Role in Labor

By Christie Collbran | July 10, 2023

One of the numerous tests and procedures to deal with during pregnancy is the Group B Streptococcus (GBS) test. This is a routine part of prenatal care and July is International GBS awareness month. So, in this blog post, we will shed light on what to expect regarding your GBS test and the results.  What…

Mom looking at pregnancy test

Understanding the Hormones of Early Pregnancy

By Christie Collbran | June 18, 2023

Pregnancy brings about incredible changes in your body, driven by a beautiful dance of hormones. Understanding the hormonal changes in early pregnancy empowers you to embrace this transformative period. In this post, we will explore these hormones, their functions, and how they can affect you along the way. Firstly, what exactly are hormones? Hormones are…