Tampa Bay Hospital VBAC Rates 2019


Planning to have a VBAC? (VBAC = vaginal birth after cesarean.) Do you know the VBAC rate for your hospital? I know we say this a lot, but it bears repeating: the hospital that you choose to deliver your baby at has a huge impact on the outcome of your birth experience. In fact, it…

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Tampa Bay Hospital C-Section Rates 2019


Do you know the c-section rate for your hospital? Without a doubt, your hospital of choice has a huge impact on the outcome of your birth experience. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing your hospital, and their cesarean rate should be at the top of the list.   Experts explain more in this article…

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To VBAC or Not to VBAC?


Always speak to your doctor or midwife to get their professional medical advice. If you are anything like me you may also want to do your own research. When I was faced with this decision, I did as much research as possible to make a truly informed decision. There is a lot to weigh. Some…

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Tampa Bay Cesarean Section Rates (2014)

C-Section Rates Tampa Bay

The location and caregiver you choose will have a major role in the outcome of your birth. In fact this may be one of the most pivotal prenatal decisions that you will make. The World Health Organization proposes a cesarean section rate that does not exceed 15%. Below are the most recently published (2014) cesarean section rates for Tampa Bay…

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The #1 Ingredient for VBAC Success

Tampa VBAC

When considering a VBAC, (vaginal birth after cesarean) determining your best course of action depends on a variety of factors. This includes your risk factors, health history and your personal preferences. Having a sincerely supportive care provider is the top priority for your best chance at VBAC success. So, how do you find one? Let’s…

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Jack’s Homebirth – VBAC after Special Scar

Jack's Homebirth

On the third anniversary of my son Jack’s birth I decided to share some photos. I have yet to fully finish writing down his birth story in detail, but these photos say a lot. They also give an idea of what a homebirth can be like. Buddha Belly Birth doulas support families in any location they choose to give birth whether it’s at home, a birth…

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