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Tampa Bay Childbirth Classes

Unsure of where to start? Our classes equip you to have a smooth pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. They are offered in the privacy and comfort of your home on a schedule that works for you.

You invested in your education to launch your career. Now you’re going to have a baby! Do you have the knowledge you need? Buddha Belly classes are tailored to your needs and provide you with exactly what you want to learn. We will help you to feel prepared and know what to expect.


Our complete childbirth class offers you the practical knowledge you need and is taught by certified childbirth educators and doulas. We combine our expertise in human childbirth,  local birth facilities and your values and preferences to ensure a completely personalized experience. You’ll feel confident in understanding birth, comfort measures and coping techniques, medical interventions, birth plans and more.


You can labor and birth calmly, gently and safely - aware and also totally relaxed. HypnoBirthing™ is a complete program to help you learn specific techniques, including breathing, visualization and meditation, to peacefully welcome your baby without fear or stress.


Are you ready for life after baby arrives? Whether it’s all new or you just need a refresher - we’ve got you covered. Learn newborn basics from our newborn care specialists. You’ll feel confident in dressing, diapering, cleaning and feeding your baby. We’ll discuss sleeping, baby wearing, soothing, swaddling and more. This private, in-home class is great for partners and grandparents too.


If breastfeeding is important to you, plan to take this class and learn all of the basics. Once your baby is here you will perfect this skill and relationship together. This breastfeeding class will help you get on track from the start. Our certified lactation counselors and educators provide evidenced-based information that will address: feeding cues, positions, pumping, returning to work, how often to feed your baby, and more.

Why work with us? Our clients share their stories...

"Our childbirth educator was super patient with us both. What I loved about our childbirth classes was that it was both intimate ( in our home and just us,) and customized. She prepared us with information about the possibilities and the options we would be faced with. This approach greatly reduced both of our anxieties as first time parents.” 

- Nora -

Clearwater, FL

Advice from a Tampa Doula

There Isn’t An App For That

Smartphones have brought a great deal of convenience and access to information into our lives. Who doesn’t always have theirs with them, in very close proximity? It’s so handy to look up random bits of info, like how many cups are in a pint, Google the name of that actor or settle a bet with…

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Why Do I Need Childbirth Classes?

I Trust My Doctor. Why Do I Need Childbirth Classes?

At a childbirth education class recently, a father-to-be asked a very thought-provoking question: If you have a great care provider (OB/midwife), why do we need to know any of this stuff? Why not just trust them to make the decisions for you? While not comprehensive, here are a few ideas why birth education matters. Not Every Choice…

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HypnoBirthing Buddha Belly Birth Services

Interview With A HypnoBirthing® Educator

Candice Enriquez, certified HypnoBirthing Educator, gives us the lowdown on HypnoBirthing: 1. What will parents learn in a HypnoBirthing class series? Parents will learn the highly effective method of deep relaxation for birth and how to assist, instead of resist, their birthing body. The classes include hands on practice with the powerful tools of: hypnosis, breathing…

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Are Childbirth Classes Still a Thing?

Yes – childbirth classes are still a thing! I know we are now accustomed to Googling and using the Internet to find information. And while those are definitely a resource, taking a childbirth class in person is still a great option. I attended a 10-week childbirth class when I was pregnant for the first time.…

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