My Surprise Breech Baby and Tips


My first baby was breech and was born via an emergency c-section. We only discovered he was breech when I was well into labor, which is pretty unusual. “I think we need to head to the birth center,” I told my husband. At 37 ½ weeks pregnant, I had gotten up in the middle of…

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Tampa Bay Hospital VBAC Rates 2019


Planning to have a VBAC? (VBAC = vaginal birth after cesarean.) Do you know the VBAC rate for your hospital? I know we say this a lot, but it bears repeating: the hospital that you choose to deliver your baby at has a huge impact on the outcome of your birth experience. In fact, it…

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Tampa Bay Hospital C-Section Rates 2019


Do you know the c-section rate for your hospital? Without a doubt, your hospital of choice has a huge impact on the outcome of your birth experience. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing your hospital, and their cesarean rate should be at the top of the list.   Experts explain more in this article…

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Caring for Baby After a C-Section


Healing from a c-section can sometimes be overwhelming. You, a warrior, just had major surgery. Now you not only have to care for yourself, you have to care for your baby! This is a challenge that is sometimes forgotten. Once you’ve left the hospital, how can you easily care for your newborn? First of all,…

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Recovering after a Cesarean

cesarean recovery

Cesareans are so common these days that we sometimes forget they are major abdominal surgeries. In addition to recovering from this surgery, the mother is also taking care of a brand new baby. It’s a lot to cope with at the same time. Here are some c-section recovery tips from the doulas on our team:…

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Yes, Doulas Are for Cesareans, Too

doula support for c-sections

Some people have the idea that doulas are only helpful for women that want to have a natural, unmedicated or vaginal birth. Well, that just is not true! Doulas benefit everyone, including mothers that are having a cesarean – whether it is planned or not. “I had a great experience with the doulas of Buddha…

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To VBAC or Not to VBAC?


Always speak to your doctor or midwife to get their professional medical advice. If you are anything like me you may also want to do your own research. When I was faced with this decision, I did as much research as possible to make a truly informed decision. There is a lot to weigh. Some…

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Tampa Bay Cesarean Section Rates (2014)

C-Section Rates Tampa Bay

The location and caregiver you choose will have a major role in the outcome of your birth. In fact this may be one of the most pivotal prenatal decisions that you will make. The World Health Organization proposes a cesarean section rate that does not exceed 15%. Below are the most recently published (2014) cesarean section rates for Tampa Bay…

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You Can Do Hard Things

You Can Do Hard Things

It’s Cesarean Awareness Month. Having been through an unplanned, emergency cesarean, this topic is near and dear to my heart. So I’ve been thinking about how to share what has been on my mind about this subject recently. And I realized it’s bigger and more than just cesareans. I realize that it relates to any…

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What Is A Gentle Cesarean?

Gentle Cesarean

More and more families are interested in what is called a ‘gentle cesarean’ or a ‘family centered cesarean.’ The purpose is to allow mothers and partners a more active role at the birth, create a peaceful and calm atmosphere and to emulate what happens during and after a vaginal birth. Let’s discuss the features that…

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