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How A Peanut Ball is Used in Labor

Photo by Dear Little One Photography There are many important benefits to changing positions regularly in labor. We often suggest that women in labor change positions every 30 mins to an hour. When you are laboring with an epidural you are limited in the number of different positions you can try because you are mostly…

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Induce Labor Naturally?

Induce Labor Naturally

Looking to get labor started? Are there any natural ways to induce labor? There is a LOT of misinformation out there (thanks a lot, Dr. Google!) about DIY ways to kick start childbirth. But do they actually work? Acupuncture? Little evidence that it induces labor, little evidence that it can cause harm. So, maybe? Red…

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Food and Drink in Labor?

Food and Drink in Labor

Food and drink in labor? Many people are surprised to find out that their birth facility or care provider restricts “oral intake” in labor after admission to the hospital. ACOG (the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) says: “There is insufficient evidence to draw conclusions about the relationship between fasting times for clear liquids and…

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Dancing in Labor and Delivery

Dancing in Labor

Dancing in labor? Yes, this is wonderful if you feel so inclined. Let’s discuss why it works. In order for your baby to be born, she must descend and make several movements through the birth canal. Your position can greatly influence her progress during labor and delivery. Using gravity and changing positions frequently is helpful…

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How Will I Cope with Labor?

How Will I Cope in Labor

How will I cope with labor? What are the options? Some mothers know exactly what they want and others would like to research and learn about their options. Here is a brief summary of some pain relief and coping strategies used in labor. 1. Unmedicated/Comfort Measures Laboring mothers that plan to go without medicine often…

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Early Labor vs Active Labor – When to Go to the Hospital?

Early Labor vs Active Labor

Understanding the differences between these two phases will help you to make a better decision about when to head to the hospital, birth location or call the midwife! Let’s start with these definitions: Labor: uterine contractions resulting in cervical change (dilation and/or effacement) Early labor phase: from the onset of labor to the onset of…

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Ugh, Why Am I Not in Labor Yet?

Labor Progress

As I got to the end of my first pregnancy, I was so ready to meet my baby. I’m not quite sure that I was ready to be in labor – that sounded hard – but I really, really wanted to find out what he or she looked like. Technically we didn’t know the sex,…

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“My Water Just Broke!” says Every TV Birth

My Water Just Broke

If we trusted modern film and TV portrayals of labor and birth, we would all believe that the first sign of labor is that your water will break unexpectedly. A huge gush will splash all over you and the grocery store floor where you were peacefully doing your shopping, all over your friend’s new car, or…

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How is Labor Induced?


Labor induction is the process of using medical interventions to stimulate labor. Waiting for labor to begin spontaneously is recommended unless there are medical reasons to induce. Some reasons given for induction include: hypertension, pre-eclampsia, heart disease, gestational diabetes, infection in the uterus, placenta complications or other medical complications. To learn more about the evidence…

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Labor and Birth in the Water

water birth

We recently attended a Waterbirth Education and Certification Course taught by Barbara Harper, RN, Midwife, author and educator. We are happy to share some of the highlights and things we learned. Many birth locations now offer the use of warm water immersion in birth tubs as a comfort measure during labor, and some locations support…

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